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Mr. Malibu: Seismic Diet Shift

Ever feel confused about what food and exercise is best for you? How could we not be perplexed when we’re bombarded with so many different and opposing views? This has been true for me until recently. With a main focus on observing my thought life, eating a healthy diet and consistent daily exercise has been a part of my daily routine since I was a student at Malibu Webster Elementary.

As a youngster, my friend in the Malibu Colony, Ivan Goff, creator of “Charlie’s Angels,” insisted that I and his son, Brian, jog on the beach every day no matter what we felt like. I am so thankful for him as I see how this daily discipline can be an environment for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

A vegetarian for 12 years and eating mostly everything organic, I embraced my mother’s philosophy that most foods are okay in moderation. As a result, I didn’t have many food restrictions and allowed myself to eat decadent desserts, deep-fried foods, pizza and bags of M&M’s once in a while.

Cruising along with my daily practices, I’ve been healthy most of my life. However, several years ago, I realized that I was affected by Wi-Fi and cell phone radiation, which created a band of pressure around my head. I went to a top-rated neurologist and after tests and questioning, he wrote a letter advising the company where I worked to provide a 10-foot distance from computers and cell phones using Wi-Fi. My reactions to this type of radiation have mostly diminished after receiving acupuncture sessions with Dr. David Kearney, who is world-renowned for his three degrees from the U.K., China and the U.S.

When I began experiencing more biological challenges a couple years ago after hernia surgery, a friend suggested I follow a diet free from wheat, dairy, sugar and nightshade vegetables. A liver and kidney cleanse was also recommended along with a celery/carrot juice cleansing. I strictly did all of the above for 3 months and was blown away by how much better I felt. I began to really taste food more consciously and be aware of how the body reacted to each type of food. I now enjoy occasional wheat, dairy and very minimal sugar.

If I eat something and my body has an adverse reaction to it, it’s perfectly okay. I just notice how it feels and consider more carefully the next time. I feel like I’ve found true freedom by doing this one simple thing: Observe how I feel without any need for a story, interpretation or judgment and let the feeling be my guidance.

Alternatively, I eat almond flour tortillas instead of toast, and almond milk rather than cow’s milk. In keeping with this new diet, I have become a much better chef, making unique savory meals like cauliflower or asparagus pancakes with organic almond pancake flour. I use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce, and nutritional yeast flakes instead of cheese. I enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds in salads with a dressing made of two-thirds organic stone ground mustard and one-third fresh-squeezed lemon juice, shaken vigorously to the right viscosity.

The impact of this new way of eating has given me more than feeling better physically—I’m now aware of how much I used to rely on snack foods. For instance, grabbing a quick bagel or a handful of chips (most of which do not have healthy oils) while heading out the door. I also now take the time to make delicious dishes and have them available when I do need a snack. Last but not least, the effects of these choices have kept my weight in balance.

I am inspired to share how I begin each day. Upon awakening, I consider my plans for the day and ask that my thinking be directed so that my actions are aligned with truth, love and harmony. I am open to inspiration regarding any questions I may have, and I relax and take it easy throughout my day. If I notice that I’m struggling, I stop and take a deep breath, calming the thinking that invites strain and stress. I am often surprised how the perfect answers come from this peaceful place, seemingly without effort.

Aligned with spiritual practices, eating healthy and exercising comes this credo: The greatest gift I can give the world is my joy, my happiness and my expression of love for all of you reading this.

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