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Murf Electric Bikes Take the Beaches by Storm

Unless you literally have your head buried in the sand, you’ve noticed there are a lot of electric bikes hitting the streets these days. They are popping up in all shapes and sizes—and have become a long-overdue tool in the arsenal of transportation options. If you’ve had a chance to ride an electric bike, chances are you may ask yourself, “how did I ever get by without this?”

According to renowned engineer and energy conservation expert Zach Krapfl, Americans drive 3 trillion miles each year; and 55% of those car trips are under 10 miles. If electric bikes were used for just 1% of those short drives, we’d drive 17 billion miles less and 2.2 million Americans would lose between 25 and 50 pounds.

Not only are electric bikes a very efficient way to get from point A to point B, but they allow access to harder-to-get-to locations. They are also fast becoming a status symbol—especially for freedom-seeking teenagers and influential young adults.

But one brand, in particular, San Clemente-based Murf Electric Bikes, is taking the industry by storm. Developed by surfers, for surfers, Murf Electric Bikes seem to have quickly become the ride of choice around our coastal communities. When I asked my 14-year-old daughter what she wanted for Christmas last December, she didn’t hesitate to respond. “A Murf,” she said.

I then asked her why the Murf Electric Bike brand was so special. “Murfs are the best because they are the most fun to ride,” she added. “You can get a rack on the back, and even add a basket for all your beach stuff. Also, Murf bikes have great batteries and are really easy to ride. Besides, all my friends have Murfs and we all like to ride together.”

Who’s to argue with that logic? So, I started shopping around. The more I looked into the e-bike scene, the more obvious it became that Murf was the bike for us.

Building a bike to address the specific needs of surfers and frequent beachgoers was a key motivation when Murf founder, and avid surfer, Josh Jones decided to start his company. In fact, in the true surfing spirit of always being in the right place at the right time, it was all about finding better surf, more quickly and more often.

“Parking at our favorite spots became an exercise in patience and riding a regular bike to the more remote spots took too much time,” says Jones. “We wanted something fast, reliable, comfortable, and good we made the most awesome electric beach cruiser that we could.”

And they nailed it.

Beach Cruiser Design

Murf’s classic beach cruiser design is a big part of its appeal. With its long and treasured history, the beach cruiser bicycle is a cultural icon closely associated with summer, sun, and the Southern California lifestyle. And, with its origins dating back to the 1930s, the beach cruiser is well known for its casual comfort, stability, and overall practicality. And, while still popular throughout the United States, the beach cruiser design, with its wide handlebars and extra comfortable seat, has been embraced since the 1970s by surfers and beachgoers looking for a simple, comfortable, and easy way to get around the coast.

No Compromise on Quality

With high-quality components like hydraulic disk brakes, Shimano gear systems, 52-volt Samsung celled batteries, and rust-resistant stainless-steel components, Murf Electric Bikes are well suited for the ocean air and beach environment. Also, with a 4-inch fat-tire option, your bike can make beach trails and sandy surfaces even more accessible.

And to top that off, Murf backs it all up with a two-year warranty on the motor, battery, and frame.

Environmentally Friendly

An e-bike can be incredibly efficient. Under the right conditions, an e-bike can get the equivalent of up to 1,300 miles per gallon if it were to run on gas. They are also much easier to maneuver than a car; so, the rider has no concerns with traffic and is not stuck to a transportation schedule as they might be with a bus or train. E-bikes allow more freedom on the open road (or trail or sidewalk), and they are also quieter than other available forms of transportation.

Health and Exercise

While some might say riding an electric bike is “cheating” on the health benefits of cycling, I beg to differ. Chances are, aside from teenagers, many of those we see out on e-bikes might not be cycling otherwise. I, for one, used to be an avid cyclist—but that faded over time. My old 10-speed hung upside down, unused, from the ceiling in my garage for over 15 years. I finally sold it, flat tires and all, back in 2016. But, since buying that Murf for my daughter last Christmas, I’ve enjoyed quite a few quick trips to the grocery store. Just being out and about is a healthy lifestyle change.

The battery on Murf Electric Bikes has a range of 25-40 miles per charge. Actual miles per charge, of course, is dependent on how the rider's weight and riding style. The first option is human power only. The battery can be turned off, so the rider is using self-generated pedaling power alone. The second option is a simple pedal-assist. This is when the motor is activated while the pedals are moving. In this mode, the rider is still getting a workout but has the assistance of a motorized boost. Pedal-assist is a huge help when climbing hills—especially for us older riders! The third option is the throttle-only mode. With this option, the bike works without help from the rider, like a motorcycle or moped.

Even in throttle-only mode, however, there are health and wellness benefits. Not only are you outside in the fresh air and sunshine, but you’re still actively engaged in physically balancing, steering, and maneuvering the bike.

Tribal Following

 If you head down to Salt Creek, Strands, Doheny, or the Harbor on any summer day, chances are you’ll see dozens of Murf Electric Bikes. We all know how tough it can be to find a parking spot at Salt Creek on a crowded day. Why fight it when you can simply cruise down the access road on your Murf? And better yet, your surfboard can safely strap into an optional board rack mounted on the frame. Not to mention, your “drive” to be beach is probably a lot more pleasant as well.

Bottom Line

If you're in the market for a new electric bike you can't go wrong with a Murf. Of course, helmets are always recommended! To learn more about Murf Electric Bikes, call them at (949) 218-5920 or visit the website at


1.   52 Volt Batteries

When it comes to batteries, bigger is always better. Murf’s higher voltage battery can deliver the same amount of power using less current. This generates less heat in the motor and controller. A higher voltage also allows you to get more range out of your bike before you notice any loss in power.

2.    Service After the Sale

Exceeding service expectations is embedded in the company’s DNA. As evidenced by the number of people that refer their friends and relatives to the brand, Murf delivers customer service of the highest caliber. Also, Murf honors its 2-year warranty without hesitation. Simply put, the company always strives to offer the best customer service at every touchpoint.

3.   Bang for Your Buck

You can find a cheaper electric bike, and you can definitely find a more expensive electric bike, but you'll have a hard time finding anything better than a Murf when it comes to overall value. When you compare components, battery specs, reliability, service after the sale, and included warranty, a Murf offers the best electric bike value around.

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