Tips For Working Out as a Mom

Embrace Flexibility + Protein Shakes

Article by Cara Hannawald

The key to keeping your sanity as a mom is to embrace flexibility. 

Even if you’re Type A like I am, and love to have everything all planned out, you’ve got to accept that most things in your life nowadays will definitely not go perfectly as planned. You have to learn to roll with the punches—and it’s all much easier to do with a smile on your face! (Or in Hampton’s case this ornery lil smirk) #canthandlethecuteness 

I always have a plan B for my workouts these days. My plan A might be a workout class, and my plan B is usually a quick but super effective home workout on my back patio. (See how this still allows the Type A in me to 'plan' and be somewhat 'in control' of things but also be super flexible? A win all around!)

Another thing that I’ve had to change since becoming a mom is my meal planning and prepping. I’ve always liked simple, quick and easy but now it is vital that whatever I’m doing takes as little time as possible since Hampton’s attention span is almost non-existent at 18 months.

To hit my protein goals every day I usually supplement with a protein shake. (When I’m tracking, I aim to eat 1gram of protein per body weight). However, I don’t always have the time to get out the blender when I’m running from one activity to the next.

So, I have been thrilled to find these pre-made Clean Ready to Drink Protein Shakes from @sixstarpronutrition that I’ve been drinking almost every day for a for a few weeks now. They taste great, are only 150 calories with 32 grams of whey protein and are so easy to grab on the go!

I love that there are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners so you know exactly what you’re getting. And you can find them at Walgreens which is so convenient since there’s one on every corner. I’ve had the vanilla milkshake and gourmet chocolate milk and both flavors are bomb—check them out if you haven’t already!

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