Supporting Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being Through Yoga

Learn. Practice. Heal. Restore. Transform at Amy Bourque Yoga, located at 470 Westfield Street in West Springfield, provides a place for members of our community to come together with these sentiments in mind.

Amy Bourque, founder and owner of the studio, has dedicated her life to teaching yoga and other similar lifestyle practices in order to share a love that she discovered years ago. As a teenager, yoga-like stretching and a healthy, balanced regimen quickly became a pillar that enhanced the stability of her life. “It was a routine that was just for me which helped me step away from the hecticness of life, feel balanced, and tame anxiety,” says Amy.

Nearly two decades ago, Amy took the leap and began practicing yoga formally. At this time, she also began diving into the world of Ayurveda, a type of alternative healing medicine that she refers to as “a sister science of yoga.” Then, her life changed. “The combination of Ayurveda and practicing yoga felt like I was coming home,” recalls Amy. “It helped me manage stress and feel some sense of sanity.”

Years later, Amy was ready to take this lifestyle to a new level – she enrolled in a formal teaching program and began instructing yoga classes. During that time, she practiced and studied Restorative Yoga, Mindful Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Body Work, and completed a 500-hour yoga training program.

She then realized, however, that she wanted more than to just teach these things -- she wanted to have her own studio. In 2016, Amy Bourque Yoga opened in Springfield. Since then, however, Amy realized that she wanted to own a business in her hometown of West Springfield. Her Westfield Street studio, Transform at Amy Bourque Yoga, opened in 2018.

Amy’s studio offers a wide range of practices for individuals of all abilities and experience levels. They have a variety of hot, warm, gentle and stretching yoga classes, meditation, Ayurveda and sound healing meditation workshops, transformational healing sessions, and much more. In addition, they offer training in Reiki, Qigong Infused Yoga, and will also be presenting a 200-hour Transform Yoga Teacher Training in the upcoming year.

As a lifestyle practice, yoga is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. It allows for individuals to get in touch with themselves on a different level than ever before, and it encourages them to feel better in their own bodies.

“It is not about competing or looking a certain way or impressing others. You don’t have to win or get to the finish line. You just practice and allow the transformation to take place without judgement,” says Amy.

The benefits of yoga are greater than just enhancing flexibility and strength. Amy shares that yoga is also shown to help with pain, trauma, digestion, sleep, anxiety, and depression.

There are several additional yoga instructors at the studio, all of whom are highly trained with many years of teaching experience. “They all offer something unique and are attentive to students’ needs,” says Amy. “We value what we [are] more than a yoga studio. We are here to help guide students and hold space through the transformation process.”  

Individuals of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to sign up for classes at Amy’s studio. Participants must register in advance on her website,, where all of the studio’s services as well as additional information can be found. There are also different payment plans, including paying for single classes, bulk-class buying options, and even an unlimited monthly selection.

Visit Transform at Amy Bourque Yoga to improve (or maintain) your physical, emotional, and spiritual health for 2022 and beyond.  

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