New Year, New Meals

Hummus Mediterranean makes it easy to eat healthy

Article by Genevieve Garruppo

Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

Originally published in Patchogue Lifestyle

Tony, owner of Hummus Mediterranean in Holbrook knows fitness and food. Together with his wife, Lianna, they have single handedly changed the meal prep game.  After several successful years serving healthy (and fast) Mediterranean food, Tony and Lianna decided to help fitness-centric folks bring healthy meals home. The to-go meals are available in both of their locations (Holbrook and Selden) and Pro-Fit Fitness and Unique Fitness. 

And the proof is in the proverbial pudding- as we sat in his restaurant for our interview, three young men came in to buy their weekly stock. After picking up about 5 meals each, Tony smiles and asks, “You guys like them?”.  “Yeah man, they’re awesome” one of them responds with excitement. “We were doing another meal service for a while but the quality wasn’t that great, we’re so happy with these now”. They weren’t the only people to walk in- a woman (formerly a Sheriff. Hummus is proud to offer discounts to men and women in uniform) was greeted with the same enthusiasm and smile.  The idea sprung from Liana’s desire to help friends and meal-prepping for a few close pals mainly focusing on fat loss and body-building but as popularity grew, they both knew they had to expand. The meals went from just using ingredients in the restaurant to creating entirely new options. The most popular is the BBQ pulled chicken. Normally, meals will stay in rotation for six to eight months to avoid burnout but the BBQ pulled chicken has stood the test of time staying on the menu for three and a half years. 

The whole meals aren’t the only healthy thing on the menu. Liana was the creator of the sweet-yet-healthy muffins and overnight oats. Even the healthiest person gets a sweet craving and the muffins are the perfect remedy for the sweet tooth. Regular flour is substituted for almond and coconut flour, and sugar is swapped agave, truvia and other sweeteners. Interested in fruity pebbles for breakfast but don’t want all the sugar and carbs? The overnight oats have got you covered. There’s nutella for chocolate lovers and my personal favorite- funfetti. 

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