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The average household contains 1.6 dogs 1.8 cats according to AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).  Taylor and Whitney Lasseter of the Spring Hill community are anything but average with 3 kids, 2 steers, 17 chickens and more pets than the typical family can dare to imagine.  Whether furry, feathered, or flippers a-flapping, each of their 54 pets holds a special place in the hearts of each family member.

To understand the wonderment of the Lasseter Farm, one needs to note the wide range of pets the Lasseter’s currently care for on their property. Recently, I had the rare opportunity to chat with Taylor and Whitney Lasseter on their beautiful farm with their hard-working children. Seeing each family member interact, care for, and cajole each pet for our fabulous photoshoot was a rare gift and quite an experience!  Each pet is unique and has a story.  Keep reading to find out how Whitney describes each of the animals they call pets!

Moses is a 7-year-old Scottish Highland steer who can be found regularly frolicking in the pond or a patch of shade. 

Fergal is a 10-month-old alleged Scottish Highland steer; however, the Lasseter’s don’t believe he is really a Scottish Highland so they gave him an Irish name and call him an Irish Highlander.  With a whimsical grin, Whitney shared, there is no such thing as an Irish Highland Steer.

Frank and Frannie are half-sibling donkeys who are photogenic and can be quite precocious.  They are the most infamous of the pets with their own IG following.

Floppy Joes the goat is the most famous of all of the animals gracing television sets with his acting debut in the CMT show with Billy Ray Cyrus 'Still the King'.

Mr. Pickles the Pig enjoys rolling in the dirt and running from Max, the youngest of the Lasseter clan.

Elvis and Priscilla are a stunning pair of Indian Blue peacocks - their spring eggs just hatched and the Lasseters are working on creative names for them.

Prince George is the family rooster and loves reigning over the farm.

There are 8 Chickens: Buffy the egg layer (Orpington), Apple Pie the Ameraucana, Speckles, Spots, Sprinkles the barred rocks, Lisa the leghorn, Cersei Hennister, Henny from the Block

There are 21+ Ducks: Olivia Pope and Jake Mallard, Mellie and Fitz (after the show Scandal), Snowball, Kim, Conway, Tux, Darth Vader, Chewie, Stormy, Rainbow, Quack Quack McQueen, 17, Lucky, Hershey, Winter, Balou, Olivia 2, Jugghead, Betty...and a whole new spring hatch that have not yet been named and a very special duck named Beep who has a cleft bill.

Kitty and Kitten are their two cats, yes that is truly their names Whitney shared.

Daisy and Maggie are their lovable dogs.

Squirt the Turtle lives in our daughter Mason’s room in a 100-gallon tank

Mr. Cuddles the gerbil also resides in Mason’s room and loves scampering about daily.

Draco the Bearded Dragon is our son Max’s favorite pet.  Fun Fact - Max got a mohawk so he can look more like the famed Draco.

You may be wondering how and why the Lasseter’s have acquired such a large brood of Pets domestic and non-domestic.  Here is what Whitney had to say!

"I have loved animals for as long as I remember. I grew up here in Franklin in the Grassland area when there was still so much wide-open space. I was in fields and creeks with my brother everyday turtle hunting and fishing and bringing home strays. I always thought I would end up going to vet school but took some lefts and rights along the way and never quite got there. But my love for animals continued nevertheless. Taylor is also local and grew up in Murfreesboro. And he has known about my love and passion for animals since we met on a blind date on Sept 12, 2001. One of my life's detours was to follow him out west to Los Angeles to pursue his career in television production. While we had a blast and took advantage of all that California had to offer, Tennessee called us home just like Drew Holcomb song "Tennessee" And we have been working to find the best place to set up long term farm roots ever since.

All the animals we share home with were rescues, re-homed, or were born here.  My brother is my "dealer". Also known as the chicken guy of Leipers Fork, he shares my love of all things animals and always connects me with other animal lovers or animals needing new homes.”

If you’d like to stay up to date on the Lasseter Journey, be sure to follow Frank and Frannie – their infamous donkeys @FrankandFranniefreckle on IG.