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Orbit Homes: Accommodating Changing Times

This year has been disruptive, to say the least, with crises of health and economy and a ferocious start to fire season. Many are wondering how this year’s events will change our lives in the long term and what businesses are emerging to address today’s challenges.

One of the industries experiencing growth and change this year is the housing industry. Orbit Homes, a prefabricated housing company, began selling to residents who lost their homes in the Woolsey Fire and has seen an increased demand for “family compounds” and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) since March.  

Orbit Homes is a family business with more than a decade of experience in traditional construction and building in remote islands and rural areas. After the Woolsey Fire, the team redirected their efforts to designing and selling prefabricated homes that help homeowners rebuild faster and more affordably. Their Malibu showroom showcases a 900-square-foot unit, and homes range in size from 450 to 3,000 square feet. 

When quarantining began, changing many people’s routines, Orbit Homes started receiving different inquiries. Clients began requesting family compounds both in cities and rural areas. Between travel restrictions and childcare, living closer to extended family has become more important to many. And, with grocery store shelves sitting empty in late March, many families also started home gardens or even purchasing farms.

Prefabricated homes help people establish multiple residences on a piece of land quickly. Because the floor plan, finishes and exterior facades are selected ahead of time and the engineering and building are completed in a factory, there is only one inspection required once the home is fully installed. This saves significant time and hassle. Additionally, the onsite installation is completed on average in two weeks or less, allowing residents and neighbors to avoid months of construction noise.

With the ease and speed of the construction process, people are setting up several residences on farms or adding Accessory Dwelling Units (guest homes) to their existing properties in the city. Orbit Homes is interested in serving community needs, and their units are priced 20% to 30% lower than other companies selling contemporary homes of equivalent quality and standards.

In addition to family compounds, people are purchasing prefabricated units to increase their income. ADU laws allow homeowners to add detached structures up to 1,200 square feet to house relatives or rent. With current low interest rates, financing an ADU purchase is a great long-term income strategy, especially for homeowners who had their income decrease this year.

Although this year has been stressful and tragic for many, there are ways our lives can change for the better as a result. People are creating diversified income with guest homes, moving closer to their families or leaving the city to live rurally. Some are even participating in growing food in home gardens or family farms. Many of this year’s changes can lead to happier and healthier lives in the future, which is something we can all hope for.

To learn more, visit OrbitHomes.US and schedule an appointment to visit their Malibu showroom at 23839 Stuart Ranch Road.