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Osmia Founder Sarah Villafranco on the Privilege of Choosing Our Own Good Health

Many of us struggle to prioritize our health after the indulgent holiday season. In January, when the evenings are so dark and the couch so comfy, the mere thought of getting back into a healthful routine can seem overwhelming. But what if we flipped our perspective, and exchanged that demotivating sense of obligation for a more positive mindset—could that help us mobilize?

Sarah Villafranco, a former emergency room physician turned wellness guru and owner of Carbondale-based skincare company Osmia, thinks yes. 

“During my ten years in the emergency department, I saw all kinds of patients,” she recalls. “Not surprisingly, the patients with the best outcomes were those who actively participated in their own wellness.”

It was her experiences with these patients, who proactively took ownership of their own well-being, that laid the groundwork for a turning point in Sarah’s life path.

“After observing this pattern, I became clear about what a privilege it is to take care of yourself,” she says, “and how foolish it would be to squander that privilege.”

Innumerable product experiments and one giant leap of faith later, Sarah forged a new career in the practice of “a broader medicine,” as she calls it: guiding others toward healthier choices and encouraging them to choose nourishment for their own bodies and minds. Osmia was launched in 2012, and she’s never looked back.

What’s her best advice for anyone hoping to make a change in the new year?

“It starts with actively choosing a positive, grateful lens through which to experience your life. You can mindlessly make a cup of tea, or you can experience a cup of tea,” she says. “The same goes for a conversation with a friend, a run with your dog, a meeting at the office, even a glass of wine. With that lens in place, I ask myself whether my choices will sustain or drain me...I do my best to say yes to habits and decisions that align with my vision of who I want to be in this short, precious life.”

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Follow Sarah on social media (@osmiaorganics) for wellness inspiration and glimpses of her life in the valley.

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Winter Trio

Three of Sarah’s favorite cold-season products are simple, nourishing self-care staples. For best results, combine with outdoor activity, fresh air, and winter sunshine! Find them online or in the Osmia shop at 2607 Dolores Way in Carbondale.

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