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How do you go out into the world to experience new cultures, explore new places, discover amazing treasures, and encounter new, intriguing personalities without actually going anywhere? 

“That’s the thing about books.  They let you travel without moving your feet.” (Jhumpa Lahiri) 

Just as you can take books anywhere, books can take you anywhere.  They are a form of magic in that way.  You can go any place you want to go; you can be anyone you want to be; you can do anything you want to do.  The front cover of the book is your departure, the back your return, and the ink in between will take you as far as your imagination will allow.  Not being able to travel because of financial issues, a health crisis, or the everyday responsibilities of life is completely understandable, but just because you can’t go somewhere physically doesn’t mean you can’t go there mentally. Authors have an incredible talent for taking you on journeys that you won’t soon forget.

So whether or not you are traveling this summer, you can choose your destination, pick up a book, and go on a great adventure.  Here are some great travel memoir suggestions for you to start with, but there are thousands of other books, fiction and non-fiction, that can take you on a trip through the desert, drop you on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, across Asia, up north to Antarctica, from the East coast of the United States to the West, or wherever you have the desire to visit whenever you want to escape the world you live in.

The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

Join journalist and archetypal Londoner, Helen Russel, as she uproots her life and moves to Denmark for a year to discover why it is the world’s happiest country.  She shares various cultural aspects from childcare and education to food and interior design as she tries to understand the secret to their happiness.  Immerse yourself in Russell’s uncanny wit, humorous self-deprecation, and English sensibility to see where the Danes get it right, where they get it wrong, how we might benefit from living a little more Danishly ourselves.

The Lost Girls by Jennifer Baggart

Approaching their thirtieth birthdays, three friends who are feeling the pressures to meet certain societal norms, decide to quite their jobs, leave their normal lives behind, and embark on a yearlong journey across four continents.  Traveling 60,000 miles across Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Asia, these three friends step outside their comfort zones, embrace adventure, and forge an even stronger bond of friendship than they ever could have imagined. 

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

Travel down under in this deliciously funny, fact-filled, and adventurous novel.  With Australia’s adoring guide, you will head off the beaten tourist path to meet friendly inhabitants, enjoy cold beer and constant sunshine, discover peculiar wildlife, and come face to face with creatures and nature that could kill you in extremely nasty ways.  This immense and fortunate land will come to life through Bryson’s humor, wonder, and curiosity

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