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Founder/owner Baar, as "The Rainbow Fairy" with young friend Tessie.

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25 Years of Children's Entertainment by Kidtoons Productions


Kidtoons Productions, founded by performer Tammy Baar


Whimsical entertainment for young people, with costumed characters and more


Private kids' parties across the valley, plus free public appearances upvalley this summer

Things are now looking up for post-pandemic kids' parties—and Tammy Baar would know. The actress, teacher, and kid-at-heart has been seeing a steady uptick of event bookings with her entertainment company, KidToons Productions.

"2020 was a hard year for everyone," she says. "But it's been a great summer and we're starting to have some really exciting things going on again."

If you've recently been to Fridays on the Mall in Snowmass or strolled the Aspen Mall on a weekend evening, you might have seen Baar or another Kidtoons performer making magic for children passing by. And if you grew up in the valley over the past couple decades, there's a decent chance you attended a party where Baar appeared as Buttons the Clown, the Rainbow Fairy, or another of her characters. Armed with a background in musical theatre, Baar founded Kidtoons in 1996—and she's been spreading joy and fairy dust ever since.

"Back then, there wasn't anyone else who was providing this kind of service," the Snowmass Village resident recalls. "And really, there still isn't, even today. We work with amazing local performers, and some specialized acts that come from out of town if there isn't anyone here who can provide a service. We've had acrobats, stiltwalkers, puppeteers, caricature artists, magicians...and all the local costumed characters that kids have gotten to know over the years."

When not entertaining with Kidtoons, Baar teaches music classes for preschool children and directs musicals for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders at Aspen Elementary. (Grown-ups might also recognize her from the valley's theatre scene, having worked with Theatre Aspen, the Aspen Community Theatre, and the former Crystal Palace.)

Baar was born in Aspen and raised by parents who came to the valley in the 1940s. Her roots have continued to deepen through years of bringing smiles to local young people.

"It's a gift to be able to work with children. I'll encounter someone who's now 20 years old, who remembers me from their party when they were five," she says. "It's really quite wonderful."

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  • Founder/owner Baar, as "The Rainbow Fairy" with young friend Tessie.