Your New Date Night

"You just need your hands and a rolling pin"

Pasta by Pollio is a new date night idea, right in the comfort of your own home! Elena created this in honor of her late grandparents, who moved to the US from Italy to pursue the American Dream. This 2-3 hour interactive event is a fun way to learn how to hand make your own pasta! She brings all the tools and ingredients you’ll need, and even pairs it with a light, Italian imported wine sampling and history overview. Check out her personal recipes! @pastabypollio

Recipe Name: Handmade Pasta Dough 


1 Cup All Purpose, Unbleached Flour

1 Tbsp Salt

1.5 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Eggs

Flat Counter OR Silicon Mat

Rolling Pin

Fork and Pastry Cutter or Butter Knife

Plastic Wrap


Evenly mix flour and salt and make a large well in the middle of the flour mound with two fingers, resembling a volcano.

Crack (2) eggs in the middle of the well, then add olive oil on top.

Take your fork and begin to scramble the eggs.

Slowly, bring in the flour from the walls and add/scramble into egg mixture with fork only.

Continue the process slowly until a ball begins to form.

Once ingredients are almost fully incorporated, you may use your hands to mend together.

*Do not at any point cut or separate the dough*

Resembling the motion of making a snowball, use the heat and your body weight to knead and mend the dough for about 5 minutes, until you have a ball you can pick up.

Some dough/flour will be lost – that is OK. Push it to the side.

Once your ball is formed, wrap it up in a reusable kitchen towel or plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes.

Remove dough, roll out for 15-20 minutes. Once rolled thin, you may cut dough into desired shape - Long for fettuccine, or use for ravioli fillings!

After making our pasta from scratch, we'll need that perfect sauce to top it off! Let's learn how to make Elena's sauce recommendation to top on your authentic, handmade pasta for the perfect dish. Don't forget to pair this with one of your favorite wines for the final touch!

Recipe Name: Olio d'Oliva Tradizionale Sauce Recipe 


Yield: (4) Servings 

1/3 Cup Olive Oil

5 Garlic Cloves 

Handful of Fresh Italian Parsley 

Dash of Salt and/or Red Pepper Flakes

Choice of Grated Cheese to Top (Recommend Parmesan or Percorino Romano)


Pour olive oil into a pan on low-medium heat

Crush garlic and add to oil - stir until lightly brown

Add salt and red pepper flakes to your desire 

When plating, assure sauce is warm - pour on top of pasta OR mix pasta and sauce together in the sauce pan

Add your choice of grated cheese to top


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