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Planning for the Best

Can insurance equal love? For Todd Bajor, it does.

Sometimes, the worst situations direct us to the best outcomes. For Todd Bajor, a death in the family led to a career that has brought him tremendous satisfaction. Todd’s grandmother passed away nine years ago, and without funds on hand to pay for a burial, her remains were returned to the family in an envelope. “I felt that if I could help somebody out with that in the future, I would do it. Fast forward: here I am,” says Todd, who has been an agent with New York Life since last year.

Todd’s role as a dedicated husband and father is a driving force behind what he does. As he and his wife raise their family in West Springfield, he believes that planning for his family’s future is critical, and he finds that his work is a way to support families and protect people in difficult times. New York Life is currently promoting a theme of “protecting your love.” For Todd, that concept translates to caretaking of family. “ It’s not about me – when I die, I’m gone. It’s about what happens after I’m gone and making sure that my family is taken care of properly. It’s about having that discussion of planning for the future and making sure that there is a plan.”

The sooner, the better when it comes to exploring your insurance plan. Approximately half of the population doesn’t have life insurance, and another percentage doesn’t have the right amount of coverage. The disconnect occurs when people plan for the costs of burial but don’t think about replacing their income. “Most families are two-income families, a lot of times what happens is that the surviving spouse has to sell the house and move into another community. That adds a lot of financial stress -- on top of losing your spouse.” Todd points out that the current housing market makes the prospect of moving even more stressful – adding further aggravation to an already painful scenario.

Many individuals don’t think about insurance needs while they’re young and healthy. However, says Todd, that’s exactly the right time to plan. “Once I started working in the field, I realized that that NOW is the time,” he says, noting that unhealthy or older clients get declined for coverage was a wakeup call. In addition, it’s important to review and update your coverage as your situation in life changes. 

Todd takes a holistic approach to insurance planning. “I essentially look at the big picture – what people have for protection vs. what they need; also how they're saving for the future. In addition, I make sure that in the end, their money outlives them and that they don’t outlive their money.”

Todd has lived in West Springfield for more than ten years. His wife, Megan, is a teacher in town, and the couple are parents of six daughters ranging in age from four to 15.

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