Princess Parties

A Magical Experience

For every child with dreams and imagination, there's a magical world where princesses reign supreme. Bring that enchantment to life by booking a princess party from Wish For A Princess for an unforgettable experience that leaves lasting memories. Booking a princess party is the perfect way to celebrate your little one's special day, creating a realm of wonder and delight. From the moment your child's favorite princess steps through the door, their dreams come to life. By personalizing the experience, incorporating captivating activities, and creating an enchanting atmosphere, you ensure a celebration fit for royalty.

Wish For A Princess owner Larilyn Miles, who bought the business along with her husband in 2022, began her journey to princess party planning by working for theater operations at Disney before joining the Wish For A Princess staff as a princess herself. Now as owner of the company, she uses her passion for party planning and for all things magical to make those fairy tale dreams of all children come true.

“We know there may be times where like the birthday girl is a little more shy or reserved,” Larilyn says. “But our performers are trained to be able to make sure that they are still having enough magical moments without being overwhelmed by just the sheer attention of it all. In every situation where a child starts off really nervous or not wanting to interact, by the end they are interacting with the princesses. It’s something that we really want to make sure that all of our performers are conscious of, that not every child wants to be the center of attention.”

Larilyn says most of their business comes from big birthday parties, although they have also done quinceaneras and special events for small businesses. “One play place just reached out to us for the new Little Mermaid and some type of mermaid-themed game where you can bring your kids and could meet other parents and set up future play dates,” Larilyn says. “We have had quinceaneras, but most of our birthday parties kind of ranged between two and six years old. And while we don’t have a cut off for age and are happy to have older birthday princesses, the oldest we’ve had has been about seven years old. But we love doing those and private parties, so we’re open to both.”

Larilyn looks forward to the challenge of adding characters and performers, in order to continue growing and expanding her princess party kingdom. Her performers’ auditions start out with just an interview, along with a little clip of the performer singing a little clip of whatever their favorite princess song happens to be. The next step is for them to shadow a party, to make sure that it’s something that they would enjoy and be able to handle before getting started as a trainee and joining the team. Currently, Wish For A Princess offers almost all of the traditional “princesses” that you would expect, with some of the newer princesses available in the coming months. They even offer two of their own signature characters, a birthday princess and a Fairy Godmother princess, who as Larilyn explains, typically attends most of the princesses’ parties anyway, but also has her own little story and background for when the children talk to her. And while the budding business was constructed to cater specifically to princesses, there are plans to expand to some superhero characters, with Spider-Man available starting in October.

Remember, the true magic lies in the joy and delight on your child's face as they embark on their own fairy tale adventure. So go ahead, embrace the magic by booking your little princess’s next party with Wish For A Princess, and unleash magical memories that will last a lifetime!

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