Dental Office Blends Spa Vibe With High Tech

New dental studio in St. Bonifacius feels more like a spa day than your dental visit

You know the sound all too well - the high-pitched squealing noise of the dentist's drill that sends shivers down your spine the moment you step into the dental office. Nobody looks forward to that nerve-wracking sound that accompanies dental appointments. As you wait for your turn, you can't help but wonder if those late-night snack sessions will result in a cavity or, even worse, the need for a crown.

The anxiety only heightens as the hygienist calls your name, and you try to put on a confident smile as you walk toward the dreaded dental chair. But wait – something feels different this time. You enter an open, modern space adorned with natural wood and greenery that instantly calms your nerves. The soothing music and welcoming ambiance of the guest lounge greet you, and you can't help but notice a menu of services, along with offers of beverages and snacks. It feels like a wellness spa rather than a typical dental clinic. Have you entered the wrong place?

Not at all. Welcome to Brush Dental Studio, a haven of dental care, opened in June by the dynamic duo of dentistry, Drs. Jesse and Shannon Toftely in St. Bonifacius. This beautifully decorated space exudes warmth and serenity, evoking the feeling of a health retreat rather than a sterile dental office. The exterior is just as captivating, with native plants and scenic views visible from the expansive windows inside.

"We wanted to create a space that people would genuinely look forward to visiting, rather than dreading," says Dr. Jesse Toftely, whose passion for dentistry and dream of running his own business inspired the concept behind Brush Dental Studio. "Our vision was to provide a one-stop-shop for dental care that eases the anxiety patients often experience when they visit the dentist."

Both Drs. Jesse and Shannon Toftely grew up in small towns in Minnesota and live in Waconia. The couple spent years meticulously planning and designing the space, aiming to make it feel more like an oasis and less like a clinical dental environment. The interior boasts natural lighting and sleek furniture from West Elm, ensuring that the waiting area is as cozy and inviting as possible. Adding to the comfort, the Brush Brews and Bites menu offers complimentary snacks, coffee, tea, and sparkling water for patients to enjoy during their short wait.

“And guests don’t need to worry about their teeth after enjoying a snack,” Dr. Toftely says. “We’ll take care of that!” 

"With my background in psychology and user experience, I wanted the space to be refreshing and relaxing," explains Dr. Shannon Toftely. "We chose grounding and earthy tones like warm browns, golds, creams, and greens, which create a soothing and calming effect. It's a departure from the sterile, cold blues and grays found in most dental offices."

Attention to detail is what sets Brush Dental Studio apart from other clinics. Their unique "Comfort Menu" offers various aromatherapy options, warm neck wraps, stress balls, and blankets to ensure patients feel completely at ease during their visits.

As Dr. Shannon Toftely emphasizes, the young patients are not forgotten. "Children are treated to snacks, hot chocolate, and fun toys while they wait. They can enjoy cartoons during their visit and may even get to witness a magic trick from Dr. Toftely! Once their appointment is done, they receive a special coin to exchange for a toy from our toy machine."

And remember that dreaded dental drill sound? Not at Brush Dental Studio. They provide noise-canceling headphones and an overhead TV, allowing patients to indulge in their favorite show during treatment. Moreover, they have plans to introduce virtual reality headsets to make dental visits even more enjoyable. Pain relief options, including nitrous oxide and sedation, are readily available for those seeking additional comfort during procedures. Additionally, a quiet room caters to patients sensitive to noise, ensuring a personalized experience for everyone.

Beyond the comforting atmosphere, Brush Dental Studio is a hub for comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. From regular dental exams and cleanings to orthodontics, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, implants, sleep apnea services, and extractions – everything is available under one roof. The office is equipped with the latest technology, including digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for obtaining 3-D images of patients' teeth, mouth, and throat, ensuring top-notch care with precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

The Toftelys have ambitious plans for the future, aiming to expand their four-acre space and open additional locations to bring their exceptional dental care to as many patients as possible.

To make their services accessible, Brush accepts all major insurance plans. For those without dental insurance, they offer the "BrushCare" community membership plans, which include cleanings, x-rays, dental exams, and one annual emergency visit, along with discounts on other treatments.


Brush Dental Studio is redefining the very essence of dental care with an unwavering focus on comfort. Through its meticulous and thoughtful design, state-of-the-art facilities, and compassionate approach to patient well-being, this studio is challenging the stereotype of dental visits being anxiety-inducing experiences. They are delivering top-notch care in an environment that exudes tranquility and warmth, as they set a new standard for dental practices in Carver County. If you are ready to discover the joy of a relaxed and pain-free dental journey and a new era of dentistry, Brush is currently accepting new patients, offering appointments from Monday to Saturday, and even accommodating emergency cases. Brush Dental Studio is undeniably the place where beautiful smiles and absolute comfort go hand in hand.

You can find Brush Dental Studio at 8800 Partridge Road in St. Bonifacius. To schedule an appointment, visit their website at or call 952-300-8028.


"Most dental offices select blues and grays. We selected green because it's a color associated with growth, renewal, and harmony." 

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