Promoting Health and Wellness Drip By Drip

At Nüvo You, IV therapy provides optimal health, as well as relief for a wide range of conditions

In the 1960s, as IV infusion pumps became standard equipment in hospitals across the country, Dr. John Myers developed what he called a “cocktail” of vitamins, minerals, and fluids to patients suffering from conditions like heart disease and fibromyalgia. At Nüvo You, Ashwin Sabbani, M.D. and his team of board-certified nurses, paramedics, and physician assistants are making IV therapy easily available to promote wellness and treat certain conditions. No hospital stay required.

According to Dr. Sabbani, IV clinics started gaining popularity in Las Vegas more recently as a way to administer fluids and nutrients to get rid of a hangover. Because an IV bypasses the digestive system, the treatment works quickly compared to simply drinking a lot of water. Since then, however, the conditions that can be treated have expanded.

“Most of our clients come to us for their general health or as a preventive treatment,” he said. “People may not necessarily feel bad when they come to us and we’ll recommend the Myers cocktail, which will flush your kidneys an rehydrate you. Then, they notice they feel great for a week or two after the IV, so they come back.”

Another highly effective IV treatment, especially for new patients, is their "Detox and Vitamin Infusion," which contains vitamins and trace minerals to correct deficiencies and reduce free radicals.

“It's got zinc, which helps with free radicals,” Dr. Sabbani said. “It's also got B complex and vitamin C, so it’s good for people who have never tried IV therapy before and they don't have something specific they want to treat. They just want to feel better and have more energy."

For other patients, who are looking for relief from a nagging health condition, there are effective IV treatments, especially for conditions where traditional medicine doesn't have solutions.

“Fibromyalgia is a good example because it causes a lot of distress due to the chronic pain,” he said. “In that case, the Myers cocktail provides a lot of relief. It's also very useful for chronic fatigue and even allergies as well.”

For more information about IV therapies, visit nuvoyou.com.

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