Q360 Club: Forging the Path to Balanced Health & Wellness

“Energy is everything and everything is energy. If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” —Nikola Tesla

Albert Einstein also declared that “Everything is energy,” further adding that “Future medicine will be medicine of frequencies.”

Today, the future is here, with cutting-edge healing centers like Q360 Club in Malibu using state-of-the-art non-invasive frequency-based technologies to balance the body’s energy to help ease ailments, speed healing and enhance overall wellness.

Based on the premise that imbalances or blockages in the body's vital energy result in ailments and disease, Q360 Club offers clients a variety of modalities using light and sound waves and the properties of water to help clear blocks and increase energy flow, stimulating the body’s innate self-healing abilities.

“We use the term self-healing, which we foster through the use of frequencies of sound and light, so your body will be in balance,” says Q360’s Founder and CEO Aaron Cameron, who established the Malibu center last November to share these cutting-edge advances with others. “When our bodies are in balance, we move toward a state of health as a general principle,” he adds.

Cameron’s own interest in health stems from witnessing the detrimental effects living near a nuclear power plant had on his neighbors as a child: “Almost everyone on my street died,” he states solemnly. The painful experience led to a lifelong study of health and healing. Sparked by his interest in the healing potential of the quantum field and the knowledge that everything in the body has a frequency, Cameron began researching and utilizing various frequency-generating devices designed to help people re-establish homeostasis in body, mind and spirit.

“I was fascinated by the healing I witnessed through the use of these different modalities. I saw that self-healing was possible by stimulating the energy system through the use of frequencies of sound and light with the quantum energy field,” says Cameron, who is excited to continue educating others about the benefits these therapies offer.

“Our goal is to tap into energy fields at all levels of mind, body and spirit to promote good health and sustain life and engender self-healing, so people can experience a sense of well-being and feel empowered to awaken to their highest potential and perform optimally,” he says.

Starting Point

Imagine placing your hand on a small scanner for a few minutes and receiving real-time information about the health of all your organs, tissues, blood, chromosomes and metabolic functioning, including any type of infection, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, toxins, mineral and vitamin deficiencies present in your body. At Q360, this technology is a reality. The Imago scanner provides clients with full body scans and analyses in a matter of moments, and it does not stop there. Following the diagnostic scan, any identified health concerns are addressed via an algorithm that is sent to the compromised cells to correct discord and restore balance to the body while clients sit comfortably and relax while enjoying Q360’s amazing ocean view and tranquil setting.

“We look at where the energy systems are out of alignment, and then we offer options geared to help put the body back in balance,” says Cameron.

In addition to any diagnosed health concerns, various technologies at Q360 have proven beneficial for addressing a wide range of issues, such as anti-aging by rejuvenating the DNA function to improve skin vitality, pain management and performance enhancement for athletes.

“People feel better by stepping into this space. There’s an energy here that is calming and loving. They feel nurtured here, because the people that are here are nurturing, caring, loving people. That’s the feeling tone of this place. Everything is designed to get you to be the best you can be,” notes Cameron.

Walking into Q360 reveals a striking view of the Pacific Ocean, visible from just about every seat in the center. Clients relax at various stations, complete with comfortable seating as they experience the different modalities designed to help balance the body and promote healing. For example, the “pink room” immerses clients in a hydrogen cloud of mist aimed to increase hydration, boost energy, slow aging, reduce inflammation and serve as an antioxidant, and the Bemer provides a comfortable cool seat to recline in while helping to increase circulation, boost oxygen intake and promote overall detoxing.

Q360 also serves Kangen alkaline water and offers mineral supplements that are essential for health.

“A key ingredient to health is to ensure we have the appropriate minerals that are required for the body’s enzymatic functions and proper functioning of the electrical system of the body,” notes Cameron. With much of today’s food grown in soil depleted of minerals, taking a supplement like Fulvic Acid ensures the body can function optimally.

Another important step to ensure maximum wellness is to protect yourself against EMFs—electromagnetic frequencies.

“The increase in 5G network towers being built all around us is the greatest threat to health today,” Cameron declares. While long-term studies about the effects of 5G on human health are unavailable, studies have shown that EMF protectors, like the Sensitiv Imago® Angel and Green Angel available at Q360, can mitigate the harm caused by cell phones.

With clients as young as 2 years old to people in their 90s and even animals, Q360 aims to help clients achieve optimum health and live their best lives.

“Most of our clients come from their family and friends hearing about this place from somebody who’s been here, because when something good happens, you want to tell somebody about it,” says Cameron, noting Q360 offers clients a discount on packages that they can share with family and friends. “When people receive help here, they want to share that we’re doing something here that’s quite unusual,” he adds. 

Located in Malibu at 24903 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 100, Q360 is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment. Call 310.554.7070 or visit Q360Club.com to learn more.

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