Queen Homes

Because every Queen deserves her home

Queen - let's design your home! Most people live in homes designed by others. Many live their lives revolving around someone else's dreams. Only a few get to live a life on their own terms and thus design their home from start to finish. Only a few envision their unique living spaces where they may create unique memories.

Queen Homes invites you to that possibility. As the newest luxury custom builder in South Orlando, Queen Homes challenges you to explore the excitement of designing your life in a dream home with your stamp and signature to call your own – anywhere in Central Florida, on your own land or a plot of land they will carefully find for you.

Queen Homes starts you out with four different design layouts to choose from. These pre-designed layouts offer both functionality and luxury. However, if there is something you prefer to modify, that is what their custom designs are for!  

For starters, Queen Homes includes over $36,000 in unique upgrades, on top of timeless luxury concierge  services that include one-stop contracting for draft, design, lending, appliances, construction, stately pools, permitting, closing, warranty, and much more. With a final price per square foot under roof price as little as $165, what are you waiting for? queenhomesonline.com


  1. Touchless Moen Faucet
  2. Frameless Bath Glass Enclosure
  3. Frameless Bath Glass Door
  4. Queen and King Toilets (not shown)
  5. Porcelain Tile or Architectural Luxury Planks
  6. Tile Shower
  7. Decorative Shower Floor
  8. Lighting Package with Green LED bulbs
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