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RAD Dads

South Orlando LIfestyle is Honored to Showcase these Nominated Dads, Husbands, and Heroes

We see great examples of fathers in the way they love, teach, share, and care for their children. We are honored and overjoyed to learn of the many families nominating their dads as their heroes, making it quite a task to select just six! We had the opportunity to read through heartfelt stories, and learn more about what touches hearts of nominating children and wives, sharing with us how much their dad deserves to be recognized. One thing I do know - Fathers are so important. They teach us so much. From being our first love to teaching us all about finances, getting out there, and being a contribution to society. "Dads hold our hands for a little while and hold our hearts forever."- Unknown

Angel Medina

“My dad is a hard working and loving man. My whole life he has made sure my siblings and I are happy and cared for - all 6 of us. He always puts others before him. He has taught his sons how to be gentlemen and he was his girls first love. We love you!” -Linzy Medina 

Yordan Bobchev

"Not just anyone can be a Dad of 4. He is always creative, playing games, and takes care for them like mommy does; he cooks from scratch, sings, and still works full time. He is our SuperHero!" -Konstansa Bobchev

Joe Ginel

“My dad Joe Ginel, is the nicest and most hard working man I know. He fixes all - from broken hearts to broken doors. I am beyond lucky to have him as my father, he impacts everyone around him with his contagious fun personality. I love you dad!" -Angelina Ginel 

Rey Ortiz

“My dad works very hard to provide for his family and give his kids the best life possible! He plays the drums, plays golf, does photography, is a car fanatic, and loves a nice beach getaway to Siesta Key to watch the sunset with his family." -Emily Ortiz 

Pete Wosnitzer

“Pete is the most selfless dad, he does everything for our family. He has patience and understanding like no one I have ever known. Our daughters love and appreciate him more than he could ever imagine.” -Holli Wosnitzer 

Charles Antonowicz 

"I am lucky to have an exemplary single dad. No matter what, we can count on good food on our table and a roof over our heads. Dad, I love you to the moon and back! Don't you ever forget it.” -Kellie Antonowicz

  • Angel Medina
  • Yordan Bobchev
  • Joe Ginel
  • Rey Ortiz
  • Pete Wosnitzer
  • Charles Antonowicz