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Remodeled Kitchen

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Refreshing And Reviving Your Home

Home Remodeling Experts Build Your Dreams

When was the last time you awoke, went to your kitchen, and had an inspiring experience? RIDGE Construction is known for their luxurious craftsmanship and exquisite stylings around Westminster and greater Denver. Their team works with you to design and build your space so the end result takes your breath away. Owner Vern Robinson says, "we have an architecturally trained designer, and a couple designers we contract to, depending on the needs of the client." Their best reviews come from their work on Accessory Dwelling Units, kitchen remodels, and finished basements. Contact RIDGE Construction at

  • Remodeled Kitchen
  • Remodeled Kitchen
  • Luxurious Den Remodel
  • Remodeled Bedroom
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit

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