Rejuvinate and Retain Your Vitality

Lduna Aesthetics and Wellness Center

Henderson’s newest medspa is Lduna Aesthetics and Wellness Center. This facility is at the forefront of procedures that intentionally support an improved quality of life and the reconditioning of skin to generate enhanced beauty and attractiveness through non-surgical options.

The name Lduna comes from a Nordic Mythological Goddess named Iduna. Lduna was the Goddess of spring and rejuvenation. She was responsible for growing green apples, which she would then give to other Gods and Goddesses who would eat them to retain their vitality. Like its namesake, Lduna Aesthetics and Wellness Center will ensure that it's clients maintain their youth and vitality.

Lduna has partnered with a leading biotechnology company to ensure that all regenerative therapies used for joint mobility and aesthetics are done so with the highest quality of amniotic exosomes available.

Exosomes, secreted by stem cells, offer a biological way to regenerate and heal the body. While the FDA has not approved Stem Cell Therapy in the United States, the use of exosomes is widely used to support cellular communication. Through its strategic partnership, Lduna will be the only authorized facility to offer a topical exosome that will replace the use of PRP for the Vampire Facial. Instead, a topical exosome will be used to produce a cleaner and more effective micro-needling experience geared for the regeneration of collagen.

What makes Lduna Aesthetics and Wellness Center unique, you ask?
Lduna has the distinction of offering two exclusive facials and products from the premium skincare line Valmont. Valmont is a luxury brand that chooses its partnerships very carefully, and Lduna is one of two locations in Southern Nevada that offer the Valmont line.

Some of Lduna's services and treatments include:

Body Contouring



B12 Injections 

Custom Peels 

Custom Facials 

Dermal Fillers 

Dermal Infusion Diode 

Exosome Therapy 

Fat Cell Reduction


IPL Photofacial



Laser Hair Removal 

Lip Injections 





PRP Joint Therapy 



Skin Brightening and Skin Tightening 

Vitamin Skin Nutrition 

Vascular Lesion Treatment 


There are several services offered exclusively at Lduna;

1) Micro-needling with a topical exosome
2)Two Valmont exclusive facials and several Lduna signature facials 
3)Medical-grade peels and skin care products

Lduna’s staff is comprised of experienced professionals who are subject matter experts in their chosen profession. Each team member brings very specialized skills to ensure that everyone who visits Lduna Aesthetics and Wellness Center will receive the best clinical aesthetic experience available. They pride themselves on service.
You can make an appointment by calling 702-701-1977. 
Lduna Aesthetics and Wellness Center
10521 Jefferys Street Ste 220
Henderson, NV 89052

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