Revo Niche

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What started as a nickname from Tony Delia’s father has now become Asheville’s favorite positivity brand: Revo Niche. Tony is on a mission to connect and inspire through Revo Niche, and his brand is unlike anything else in the industry. Not only will one of his shirts be your new favorite wardrobe staple because of how comfortable it is, but you’ll also feel inspired every time you wear it and read the words hugging your body.

“Our mission is to inspire people to experience and share a deeper meaning of life and positivity for themselves, their community and the planet as a whole,” boasts the Revo Niche site. 

So, how exactly is Tony creating a brand that is inspiring in a way that hasn’t been done before? Simple. He’s taking the concept of tattoos and their placement on the body and duplicating it on a shirt.

“I combined illustrative art and type and placed the designs on unconventional places on the shirt, so it’s like a tattoo,” he says.

It’s meant to be a permanent, positive reminder without being a permanent fixture on the body. And the shirts are beautiful, too. It should come as no shock that Tony has been immersed in the creative world for years. His designs are bold, sleek and unlike any other brand. It’s obvious he enjoys his work, too.

“I’m having so much fun. I get to create something completely the way I envision it with my intention,” he says. “I really want to take my creativity to the next level, and not just for myself, but in a way that impacts others, too.”

Revo Niche is a brand geared toward health-minded and heart-centric folks. When you wear Revo Niche, you’re saying you’re here for the planet and for the connections you make with other humans along your journey. His shirts were featured at Asheville Yoga Fest, and he’s made a special design for Asheville Pride. His line is available on the Revo Niche website and through the brand’s Instagram account. Tony is aiming to have a children’s line in the future as well. He’s hoping for a global brand that will bring inspiration to people all over the world. In the meantime, Tony is also interested in collaborating with local businesses that share a similar mindset. 

When it comes to limiting himself, it’s safe to say he takes the words from one of his shirts to heart: “The only limits that exist are the ones we place upon ourselves.”

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