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Tupperware has been helping people save space and keep food fresh for 75 years

For South Orlando residents, especially those who frequently drive on South Orange Blossom Trail, they may not realize how often they drive past the headquarters of a company that’s known throughout the world… and it’s right in their backyard. The history of Tupperware dates back to 1937, when a chemist named Earl Tupper was experimenting with synthetic plastic to develop a material that was tough, flexible, non-porous, and translucent. Inspired by a paint can, Tupper realized in 1946 that the plastic material he was working on was ideal for food storage.

If he could design a plastic storage container with an airtight seal, like those on a paint can, he could help families reduce costly food waste and save money by keeping food fresh longer. This container led to the food storage product category known globally, forever changing the way the world stores, prepares, and serves food.

A key to Tupperware’s early growth was the emergence of Tupperware Parties in the late 1940s. This model was successful because it became clear that, for consumers to understand its value in a time before television, the product would need to be demonstrated live. The Tupperware Party was a resounding success and led to the creation of a network of distributors across the nation.

In addition to improving food storage, Tupperware products are an alternative to single-use items that cause problems for the environment. Today, the iconic brand has more than 8,500 functional design and utility patents for solution-oriented kitchen and home products. Tupperware distributes its products into nearly 70 countries primarily through independent representatives around the world.

For nearly 80 years, Tupperware products have stood the test of time. They have been passed down through generations as trusted products in the kitchens and homes of millions around the world. From revolutionizing microwave cooking that helps time-starved families get healthy meals on the table faster, to growing vegetables in space with NASA, the company’s purpose is to help save time, money, space, food and energy for consumers.

Tupperware continues to innovate for the benefit of people and our planet. Through the business opportunities they create for their distributors, Tupperware is bettering the lives of individuals with a meaningful way to make money and impact their local communities. Tupperware’s impact on the planet includes creating eco-friendly solutions to store food so it can last longer, making it easier to transport food, and reducing food waste, which saves money.

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