Rodrigo Orsi

International Master Stylist Serves Orange County's Elite Clientele


Rodrigo Orsi, internationally acclaimed master hairstylist


Andrea Orsi Beauty Lounge, 2817 Villa Way, Newport Beach. (949) 432-5568


Brilliant, clean, and pleasing hair not only makes us feel great, it is also a reflection of who we are and draws the right attention from others.

Rodrigo Orsi is well known in Brazilian salons and fashion circles. A 3rd generation hairstylist, his family was originally from Spain. After moving to Argentina, his grandmother became a lifelong hairstylist and his grandfather, a barber. When his mother later relocated to Brazil, she opened a salon in São Paulo—the country’s largest city. Rodrigo and his sister, Andrea, grew up in this family salon… ensuring their destiny to carry on the family business.  

Rodrigo is a passionate student of the craft. Spending 11 years at the prestigious Soho Japanese Hair Academy, he became a master of world-famous Japanese scissor techniques and methods. While studying, he also worked in his mother’s salon and operated two of his own. Three years ago, Rodrigo moved to Newport Beach and reunited with Andrea, who had relocated to Orange County several years prior. Andrea Orsi Beauty Lounge was born.

Since then, Rodrigo Orsi has become one of Southern California’s most highly sought-after high-end stylists. Serving both male and female clients, his level of personal care exceeds expectations every time.  Not a “talker,” Rodrigo listens and observes—laser-focused on each client’s needs. And his salon bookings are strategically scheduled so there is never crowd or wait. “The client experience is most important,” says Rodrigo. “We don’t ever want our salon to feel impersonal.”

Another special skill: Rodrigo is ambidextrous with the scissors, and he is a master of “point cutting” and the very precise Japanese “Kariage” technique. “To be a great soccer player, you must kick equally well with both feet,” said Rodrigo. “The same is true for the hands when styling hair.”

“When Rodrigo cuts hair, it’s a show,” exclaimed Andrea. That’s why he is booked six weeks in advance and rarely has time for lunch!”

"Rodrigo Orsi has become one of Southern California’s most highly sought-after high-end stylists"

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