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Rolling Shutters In Central Oregon

Finding Comfort in Wildfire Season

Article by Chris Healam

Photography by Chris Healam

Rolling Shutters have always been phenomenal in providing energy savings, privacy, light control and peace of mind. And when a client in Sunriver outfitted their home with rolling shutters on nearly every window, we had to ask what prompted their decision.

The reason: bolstering defensible space for Wildfire Season.

Every year Central Oregonians endure a unique season; Wildfire Season. Skies are filled with smoke, fire fighting airplanes, helicopters and firefighters work without rest, and people revisit their surroundings for defensible space.

This client was no stranger to wildfires. Having lived through wildfires in New Mexico, they gained valuable insight into how many of the surrounding homes were lost during the fires. Many did not succumb to the fires from the outside, but rather from the intense heat transfer through the windows which caused many homes to burn from the inside out.

Having rolling shutters installed on their home, another level of protection was added against wildfires; an increased level of defensible space has been achieved. With rolling shutters deployed (rolled down), a barrier is created between a passing wildfire and the interior of their home.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. C, of Sunriver, for bringing forth another valuable application for Rolling Shutters; an application that can be implemented by many in Central Oregon to help find additional comfort during Wildfire Season.

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