Rose and Orange DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub

Article by Rachel Hamphill

I wanted to talk a bit about self care because I also think it’s a huge piece if the puzzle when it comes to being happy. I’ve started to implement tiny self care habits into my day and Ive realized there’s a lot I can with little time and usually with little cost.

I think you should too! There are so many everyday habits that we can implement that make a huge difference! Here’s a few I love: 

  • Get your stretch on, have you ever just sat down and took a 5 min deep stretch. It feels pretty amazing. Your body will thank you too.
  • Go for a walk or run in nature. I do this every morning. While it might not seem like self care at first you’ll realize when your done how good it feels.
  • Have a self date 😊grab your favorite lunch by yourself and just spend some time checking in with yourself. Grab your favorite book and kick your feet up.
  • Take a home spa 🛁essential oils, bathrobe, candles, magazines, do it all♥️

I put together an amazing body scrub that’s super easy and little from your pocket. It’s important to exfoliate your skin so new skin can surface and your skin is soft! I like to exfoliate with this is the bath, the Epsom salts are also very detoxifying because they cause an increase in circulation.

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Rose and Orange Body Scrub

What you need:

* ½ cup Epsom salt
* 2 tbsp jojoba oil
* 1 vitamin E capsule
* 1 tbsp crushed lavender flowers or rose petals
* Optional: 7 drops your favorite essential oil (orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, etc)
* Glass bowl for mixing
* Air tight container


1. Crush your herbs (lavender flowers, rose petals, chamomile flowers, etc) using a Blender.
2. In a glass bowl, add ½ cup Epsom salt followed by 2 tbsp jojoba oil. Pierce a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze out the oil into the bowl.
3. Add your crushed herbs and mix them in evenly throughout the salt mixture.
4. Add 7 drops of your favorite essential oil and stir everything again.
5. Your Epsom salt scrub is ready for use!
6. To use it as a body scrub, take 1-2 tbsp of your scrub in a bowl to the shower with you. Gently scrub it on your wet skin in the shower, rinse it off then lather up with soap as usual.

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