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The Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Luxury Beauty Experience

Niki Shah is changing the way we think of makeup. No matter your skin color or texture, every woman has had an issue finding the perfect shade of foundation, concealer, or lipstick. That is why Shah created Rouge Beauty Lab. “I wanted women with all skin tones and all financial backgrounds to have access to makeup that is perfectly formulated for them,” Shah stated.

Although she has a degree in finance and accounting, she has always had a passion for fashion and makeup. Being Indian, and working with many Indian women on their makeup, she found there wasn’t the perfect makeup out there for many women. “Finding the right foundation for the Indian skin tone is one of the hardest things to do because brown skin has many different undertones of yellow or orange.” After trying to find custom makeup at places like Macy’s, she realized the experience wasn’t unique or custom to her since the woman behind the counter was the one making it. That is when she started researching how to make her own. It started with foundation, then concealers, then she moved into lipsticks and gloss. With a background in project management, event planning, and beauty, she decided to take the leap and open Rouge. They did a soft open in November 2022 and are now fully open accepting appointments for everyone.

Rouge Beauty Lab is the ultimate one-of-a-kind luxury beauty experience every woman should enjoy. The interior is the epitome of being “Instagram-worthy”. From the beautiful chandeliers to the multiple plush chairs, the swinging day bed, and the perfect rouge pink accents that scatter the room, the salon is elegant, cozy, sexy, and trendy all at once. Just because it’s a luxury experience doesn’t mean it’s expensive. “I wanted people to come in and have the luxury experience with champagne and mimosas and leave with goodie bags without it costing a fortune,” Shah said.

An experience at Rouge is not just about aesthetics. Any experience starts with access to a full mimosa and sangria bar and of course snacks like cheese boards and desserts. Even the drinks and snacks are customizable to the guests, whether you have a food allergy or have a special occasion. There are four experiences to choose from, build your own lipstick or lip gloss, and build your own foundation or concealer. All their products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and talc-free. “Our cosmetics are made with skincare actives and clean ingredients. Giving you luxury formulas, and beautiful pigments that flatter a multitude of skin tones.” Shah stated.

The custom blend lipstick experience is so much fun! Whether you are in a small or large group, this experience is fun for everyone. The custom foundation experience is a little different. “We want to spend more one-on-one time with each individual so we can really understand their skin’s needs and what they are looking for.” Since the Foundation experience is so personalized, it isn’t best for large groups. This is a completely interactive experience from learning how the formula is made, then physically creating the blend yourself, to then trying on your custom makeup. “This is really a student-teacher relationship. We start with science, then math, then we enter the playground.” Shah said. “You have to understand the exact measurements in order to get the right formulation you are looking for.” The formulations go into every detail on whether you want a matte, cream, or butter, SPF, or anti-aging. There are also enhancements you can add to your lipsticks and gloss like lip plumper, a taste, or a scent. There really is no limit on how customized you can have your makeup at Rouge.

Once you have your unique formula, they will keep your card filed and you can call to have them make you a new batch every time you run out. Then, you can pick it up or have them ship it directly to you! Unlike large beauty stores, your custom makeup will still be cheaper than many name brands out there. Keep in mind, these are people rebuilding unique formulas by hand, so it may not always come out to the exact same shade every time. “This is like painting a painting. Even if we have the exact same materials, the paint strokes could be slightly different.” It's very important you write every step on your card so they can be as exact as possible when recreating your custom blends. However, these are going to be such minor differences, you would almost never be able to tell, and it’s worth it to have 100% clean and custom makeup available to you whenever you want.

Niki Shah is an inspiration to all women. Not only is changing the way think of makeup, but she is changing the access we have to real affordable, clean, and custom products. Shah is also an incredibly inspiring woman entrepreneur who is building a brand new business concept right here in Winter Garden. “Don’t be afraid of taking chances. You will have a lot of people in your life who tell you not to do something or take the risk. But, if you truly believe in what you want to do and have the vision for it, then go for it. It’s one life, so take the chance.” Shah stated. There is truly no other brand or business that exists like this. It's glamorous, it’s luxurious, and it’s an experience available to everyone.

“Our cosmetics are made with skincare actives and clean ingredients. Giving you luxury formulas, and beautiful pigments that flatter a multitude of skin tones.”

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