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Remembering Dad

We sat down (virtually, of course) with a few men in our community who work tirelessly to make the world a better place.  We think they are worth a round of applause. Join us, this month, in saluting the guys. 

1. Tell us about one or two men who inspired you during your life and career.

2. How do you blow off steam and relax?

3. Giving back is very important to us at Perimeter North Lifestyle magazine. How do you give back your time and/or resources?

4. We pray that by the time this June issue hits mailboxes, we will all be out and about. Where will you go for a special dinner in our community?

Michael Cowan, Executive Director, Dunwoody Nature Center

1. As an avid lover of history, I’ve always drawn inspiration from historical figures and my favorites have always been George Washington and Ronald Reagan. I feel they both appealed to our best hopes and not our worst fears—very different from most political leaders today.

2. I love hiking and backpacking but don’t get to do it as much as I would like—I can get my family to hike with me sometimes, but not camp.  I really like to be deep in nature where you are far enough from a road that few people every go.  At home, I love to work on a jigsaw puzzle, while listening to a good audiobook and sipping some nice whiskey.

3. While I give to several causes, I spend time volunteering for ones where I can have a direct impact by interacting with others. From Scouting, where I can hopefully instill a love and respect for nature in young adults to visiting the homebound senior citizens for my church where I spend time just talking to them.

4. There are so many good places that I want to go to again!  We are really lucky to have so many good restaurants is Dunwoody.  We want to go back to the new Mexican place Los Hermanos—we were there the night before everything shut down.  Its always a treat to go to Carbonara Trattoria or McKendricks too.

Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS

1.  The first influential man in my life is my father Michael Anderson, who showed me how to succeed in life, and gave me the work ethic to achieve my goals. The second is Dr. Christopher Post, my mentor in medical school, who showed me how to really make a difference in medicine. His mentorship ultimately inspired me to create the American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery, where we aim to elevate the specialty through education.

2. In the summer I enjoy boating and wake surfing on Lake Lanier. If it’s nice I’ll take my motorcycle into the north Georgia mountains or to Savannah for the weekend. In the mornings, I’m in the home gym, so I get a lot of stress out before the day even starts. When I’m feeling creative I’ll work on my decade-long photography project that focuses on American automobiles. 

3. For the Curing Kids Cancer Cabaret last fall, I volunteered to be an on-stage performer, doing my best Joan Jett impression, guitar and all. I established the Michael Anderson Resident Research Fund at the University of Michigan to fund basic science research into cancer, named after my dad. I also give to 14 separate charities nearby.

4. The best Mexican is at Hacienda Bar & Grill on Windward. The next celebration will be over a brick-oven pizza at Campania on North Main. then to Rumi’s Kitchen at the Avalon.