Save the Best for Brunch

The Sassy Biscuit Co. invites you to dine and indulge

Brunch in Billings just sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? The Sassy Biscuit Co. sure thinks so, which is why when you think of brunch you should think of scratch-made biscuits with an ambiance that's just as enticing.

Owner and Chef Jilan Hall-Johnson, along with her husband DeMarco, opened their bruncherie in 2018 and have created food that goes beyond the typical brunch fare.

“By combining my love for recipes with what I learned in culinary school, then adding those wholesome and delicious elements of brunch, I’m able to put my heart into it,” said Jilan.

The menu centers around Jilan’s homemade biscuit recipes: biscuit waffles, biscuit pancakes, and biscuit french toast. The biscuit theme started in Jilan’s home, making waffles for her children while her husband was away and on duty as a Marines.

“I was always looking for something they would eat and that I wanted to eat. We all enjoyed breakfast, so I experimented with recipes. They ate waffles for days on end. But, they had no complaints,” she joked.

Menu items pay tribute to Jilan’s family while showcasing her culinary flare.

“The names of the dishes hold sentimental value,” said Jilan. The ‘Julia’ is blueberry banana pancakes with chantilly cream. “We added a note in the description that the dish is pronounced ‘Jul-ya’ because it’s named after my grandmother and that’s how she pronounced her name.”

Other dishes honor Jilan’s parents. “The ‘Ma’ and ‘Pa’ are versions of oatmeal dishes they each made. “My mom always had a homemade cake around and we’d cut a slice then pour her oatmeal over it,” said Jilan.  For a more traditional eggs and bacon combo, they created the ‘Semper-Fi,’ named after the Marine motto and inspired by DeMarco’s experience in the service.

To match the atmosphere to the menu, Jilan and DeMarco added decor that reflects their history as a military family. Three main clocks on the wall are set to time zones where they have lived. Other clocks mark important dates in their lives.

“When we were designing the space, we wanted to include personal touches. I wanted it to be like coming over to eat at our house,” said Jilan.

Billings residents played a significant role in launching The Sassy Biscuit Co.

“We felt so supported by the community while we were starting up,” said Jilan. “It was special to see so many people who wanted us to succeed. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.” To express that gratitude, they added a unique feature to the counter. “We made it out of Scrabble tiles and included the names of our contractors, architects, and people who helped make the restaurant a reality. It’s fun to watch customers at the counter as they see how many words they can find while waiting for their food.”

As with most military families, Jilan and DeMarco have moved again. However, that hasn’t stopped them from expanding to multiple locations.

“DeMarco is stationed at the Pentagon right now. We’ve opened another bruncherie in New Hampshire and are getting set for a third in Boston,” Jilan said. Back in Billings, the original restaurant is open daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Located downtown, near Brockel’s Chocolates, it continues to grow. They now cater special events and have added a new menu available only Thursday through Saturday from 3 to 9 p.m.

“We call it ‘Jook a Chicken Joint.’ We adapted our biscuit recipe into a bun for southern-style fried chicken sandwiches,” said Jilan. “It’s the alter ego of our brunch menu.” As they grow their franchise, Jilan and DeMarco never tire of seeing the fruits of their labor disappear from customers’ plates.

“When I experiment with recipes at home, then see other people enjoying my food, it brings a whole new experience to being a chef," said Jilan.

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