Savvy Seasonal Gatherings

Host a craft night instead of your usual get-together this fall.

Like most holidays in 2020, we’ve had to find alternatives for celebrating. As we look for ways to observe fall and Halloween, once again it can be a bit tricky to come up with something creative everyone will enjoy. Instead of a big costume party this year, we suggest making the most of the season with a delightful small gathering at home. Hold a Grown-up All Souls Eve Craft Party where everyone can take part in creating a seasonal DIY craft together. Grab your masks, a few close friends, a favorite bottle of wine or two and invite everyone to bring something to create. No special skills required, just gather and let the creative juices and laughter ensue.

The perfect canvas for your craft can be anything, but it seems the icon for Halloween is pumpkins, and they are an ideal decoration to carry you through Thanksgiving. Faux pumpkins can be found in all shapes and sizes at your local craft or discount store, or you can order them online. Of course, you can pick up real pumpkins, too, but plan for extra clean up should you carve them.

Everyone can make something different, but as the host, be sure to have on hand a few extra art supplies just in case, like glue, ribbon, scissors, fall floral picks, etc. To set the scene, serve seasonally themed light bites and finger foods, and know that this time of year there is no shortage of decor available and help create the mood in your home. In fact, it might surprise you what decorations you already have on hand.  For easy cleanup of your workspace, use low-cost vinyl or plastic tablecloths to cover the area. Last, once your masterpieces are created, don’t forget to take photos to share on social media.

We’ve suggested one craft idea to help get you started. Faux Succulent Pumpkins are simple to make but create a “wow” piece to display anywhere inside or outside your home.

DIY Faux Succulent Pumpkins

Materials needed:
Spanish or floral moss

Faux succulent picks (an assortment of small and large picks)

Foam pumpkins

Cardboard or carver’s knife

Utility scissors

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Optional: Chalk paint and paint brushes if you want to paint the pumpkin a different color.


Cut off the top of the pumpkin, including the stem. Scoop some additional foam to create a shallow bowl. If your pumpkin is already hollow once you cut the top off, add some newspaper or a floral foam block so you don’t need as much moss. If your planning to paint the pumpkin, paint first and let dry before adding the moss or succulents.

Hot glue the Spanish moss to the inside of the pumpkin, then snip the stems off the succulents and glue them to the moss. If your pumpkin is not hollow, you can also use the stems to pierce the foam to help hold in place. Add a small dollop of hot glue to the top of the stems under the succulent to keep them secure.

Pro Tips: White pumpkins can help save the painting step and create a sophisticated look and contrast to the succulent colors. Cutting foam pumpkins can be messy, lay something down on the floor for easier cleanup. While everyone is still gathered, schedule your next craft night, because you know you’ll want to do this again.

Faux Succulent Pumpkins are simple to make but create a “wow” piece to display anywhere inside or outside your home.

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