Sax in The City

Music is a universal language and when Morgan Bismarck performs he gets everyone talking

Article by Marti Schnurr with Morgan Bismarck

Photography by Sunman LLC

Originally published in Boca Style Lifestyle

Life is full of excitement and full of interesting people that give it vibrancy and color. Bismarck’s journey of music with the saxophone contains unique elements and experiences that have cultivated his great energy. Native to South Florida, Bismarck Morgan is a local tenor saxophone player specializing in private events, galas, weddings, and creative events. Along with solo performances, he expresses himself best playing his tenor sax, live, with DJ’s via his wireless microphone system. This allows him to be mobile, crowd interactive, and to truly immerse himself in the experience. 

“I have been favored and blessed to continually perform at select, eclectic private events ranging anywhere from private docked yacht parties to luxurious weddings. One of the most interesting events I’ve ever played was a wedding held inside a Porsche dealership. Right on par with that was a wedding at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach that had live camels, historic symbols of wealth,” recalls Bismarck.

 “Bismarck is one of the most incredibly talented individuals I know,” says Shera Kaan-Lilly of Boca’s “He not only brings the best ‘vibes’ to any event, but he touches everyone’s heart with his beautiful music and extraordinary personality. Bismarck helps us, as realtors, turn a simple house into a loving home by enchanting all of our customers with all of his alluring melodies!” Maxie Kaan-Lilly of also says that “there is no better person to get the party going than Bismarck. He his engaging, eccentric and the best entertainment you will ever come to know.” 

Bismarck also thrives in the Polo scene in Wellington. Bismarck works with restaurateur and entrepreneur Juan Gando at his famed restaurants. Mr. Juan Gando has recently expanded his Oli’s Fashion Cuisine restaurant to Boca Raton. On most Saturday evenings Bismarck can be found here playing light jazz ballads and eclectic tunes as Boca locals dine on the Italian-American cuisine. 

Bismarck remembers the first time the saxophone truly impacted him. “I was away at a church camp and there was a visiting minister playing the saxophone. When I heard the sax and the rich, melty tone that came from the instrument, it warmed my soul. It could be compared to a child on Christmas morning gathering him or herself next to a warm fire by the Christmas tree and feeling the closeness and familiarity of family. The warm fire place brings a warmth and assurance. There’s excitement in anticipation of receiving their gift.” The saxophone elicits these feelings in Bismarck time and time again. It never gets old. It’s a fire that never dies.  It’s something special that must be shared with the world.

April Upcoming Events:  

4/04/2020 The Colony Palm Beach 

4/011/20 Oli's Fashion Cuisine Boca Raton (tentative)

4/18/2020 The Colony Palm Beach

4/25/2020 Wings, Wheels, and Fashion Hangar Event (Boca Signature Flight Aviation Hangar)

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