Coffee School is in Session

Want to stoke your inner barista? Texas Coffee School offers classes for home enthusiasts who want to level up their home-brewing skills.

Texas Coffee School – founded in 2010 – specializes in helping people open independent specialty coffee shop businesses. It also offers several classes for home enthusiasts if you’ve dreamed of creating specialty coffee drinks at home to wow your family and friends.

City Lifestyle Trophy West recently connected with Tom Vincent, the owner of Texas Coffee School. Here’s what Vincent had to say about coffee trends, who would be a good fit for his coffee classes, and offered some good brewing tips to keep in mind for your next cup of joe.

On coffee trends he is seeing:

  • Coffee to go.

  • From hot beverages to cold beverages, more young people are interested in cold than hot.

  • Cold brew, nitro cold brew, and other modern and creative cold beverages are extremely popular.

We asked Vincent who would be a good student for Texas Coffee School’s two-day Barista, Espresso & Milks Class and Quality Brewing. 

“It’s usually a person who has a home espresso machine or some cool home-brewing gear who feels like they have plateaued watching videos on YouTube. They want to get deeper down the rabbit hole of this really fun and exciting coffee hobby … our classes are a popular gift for people who are impossible to shop for! It is a super fun and immersive way to take their interest and passion to a level far beyond what they can read or watch online.”

Coffee brewing tips: 

  • Buy freshly roasted coffee weekly instead of in large batches for the month. 

  • Brew with water that is right in the 200-degree (Fahrenheit) range. 

  • Stop using bottled water; it usually doesn’t have enough mineral content for the coffee to extract properly and taste good. 

  • When buying coffee gear, spend more on the grinder since it plays one of the most important roles in ensuring your coffee doesn’t taste awful. Blade grinders are about as precise as a hammer would be. Get a burr grinder. 

  • When buying an espresso machine for home, don’t go cheap; invest in a good machine upfront. 

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