Semper Laser Is No Jack!

The Benefits of Safe and Effective Hair Removal

Ever heard of the term "Jack of all trades, master of none?" At Semper Laser off Turkey Lake Rd., there is no Jack, and we have tested their procedure as "master of one." Semper Laser is the only place you will need for safe laser hair removal in South Orlando, which is why an $800 gift certificate, courtesy of its store manager, Icess Maldonado, was at the top of our December gifts giveaway! (Thank you Semper Laser!) We are so excited about this new location, we sat down with Icess to get you all the answers.

Icess, how safe is a laser treatment?

"We use the newest and most advanced technology that is all FDA-approved. Laser hair removal technology has advanced over the years, and we are committed to staying abreast of all new development. While all cosmetic treatments can have side effects, laser treatments are extremely safe. Client satisfaction is very important to us. Something our clients can attest to from the moment they are greeted by our highly trained team of medical experts."

Why laser as opposed to other methods?

"Every woman who has waxed agrees it's a very expensive proposition. It is estimated over $24,000 is spent on average in waxing over a lifetime. Then, there is shaving. Ouch! Plus, the average woman spends 39 hours a year shaving. With Semper Laser, you can count on 'shaving' the cost and time spent on this beauty ritual."  

Okay, so how does Semper Laser compare on cost and time?

"I am so glad you asked, as we are set apart by being upfront and pricing transparent. The average Semper Laser client spends $2,500 for treating a large area (ie. legs), and only about three hours a year. That’s right, you save more than five hours a year and $13,000 over a lifetime to permanently eliminate your hair compared to other hair removal methods."   

What are some surprise benefits of Semper Laser treatments?

"The obvious ones are becoming permanently hair-free, saving time, and saving money. But, can you believe laser hair removal helps save the planet too? Every year Americans throw out around two billion razors. That’s two billion plastic handles, up to ten billion razor blades, plus all that excessive packaging that comes with each razor! No more with our eco-friendly alternative. Laser hair removal also decreases the risk of ingrown hairs and nasty razor cuts. It is safe for all skin types, and it can help simplify beauty regimes for those with mobility restrictions!"  

Who is laser best for?

"With our advanced technology, everybody. It is equally suitable for men and women of all skin types. It is also designed with sensitive skin in mind."

For information visit semperlaser.com or call 321.248.1841.

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