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Article by Hayley Hyer

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So your roots have grown out to the point that you can almost call your look ombre. Your new favorite work pants are your pajama shorts and leggings. That's OK! You know who is definitely not judging you? Your pets. They love you exactly as you are. And they will also still love you if you make them wear clothes for a quarantine photo shoot—as long as they get plenty of treats and cuddles afterward, of course. Here are some guides to pet fashion. Some are more functional like stylish collars and leashes, and some are just to make you smile because your pet looks so cute in it.

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Luxury Dog Collars + Leashes

Do you ever feel like you spoil your pet a little too much? Nonsense! Your dog is your baby, and you should get them whatever it is you love. If you love designer clothing, it's time to take your pup's fashion to the next level as well. Here are some gorgeous collars and leashes that are sure to make you stand out at the dog park.

Beautiful Bows for Your Pets

Dressing up our pets is so fun, but sometimes they aren't too happy about wearing clothes. Luckily, bows are super non-invasive, and pets don't usually seem to mind! Dress up your adorable animal with bows to match your own clothes and be a fashion power couple.

Costumes That Make Dogs Look Like People

Do you ever wish your dog was a human? Well, you can get pretty close with one of these fun costumes that have attached arms! It's so cute to see them waddle around with the arms flapping up and down. Plus, if you need an activity to keep your kids occupied for a while, you can recruit them to dress the dog for you. It doesn't have to be Halloween to have some fun with costumes!

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