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Detoxifying Your Skin

Article by Gabrielle Lewis

Photography by Edison Manalo Poemtography

Originally published in Columbia Lifestyle

Throughout her expansive career, dermatologist Dr. Chesahna Kindred has demonstrated that beauty is far more than skin deep. Dr. Kindred’s love of education and healthcare has manifested into a career that spans across multiple industries and communities, including founder and president of the Onyx Medical Society and the leader of the Celebration Church Wellness Ministry. Raised in South Central Los Angeles, and growing up in Englewood, Dr. Kindred is no stranger to thriving in a difficult environment. In 2007, Dr. Kindred and her husband, moved to the Columbia area and began her practice, and a family. Her commitment to spreading knowledge and acceptance throughout the Columbia community not only brings great value to the community but also great joy to her. “One of the best things about dermatology is the ability to witness the transformation and results immediately,” shares Dr. Kindred. “It’s amazing for someone to come into the office and know that we can help them feel and look their best. To find the root cause of whatever issue they face and work together to create a routine that works specifically for them”.

“You can see the difference in their faces when they take real steps to move forward and become their best self.” Dr. Kindred began her education at the University of Southern California, where she earned her Bachelor of Science. She later moved to Ohio and attended the University of Cincinnati, becoming one of three doctors to earn a dual MD/MBA degree. Afterwards, Dr. Kindred conducted her residency at Howard University, centering her focus on treating and reviving ethnic skin and hair. This focus led to the founding of Kindred Hair & Skin Center in Columbia, Maryland. The practice has an incredibly inclusive array of services, and the doctors are dedicated to providing health assistance to people of all body, hair and skin types. To maintain healthy skin and hair on a regular basis, Dr. Kindred recommends committing to a daily regimen that nurtures the body without introducing an abundance of chemicals and toxins. Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (also known as EDCs) are man-made chemicals commonly found within substances of everyday life, such as metals, pesticides, and certain toiletries.

In the morning, Dr. Kindred suggests using Sulfo Lo, a special cleansing soap designed to deep clean the face and is effective for a variety of skin irritants and blemishes.

The antioxidants are adept at reducing redness and evening the skin tone.

For a thorough rejuvenation of the skin, Kindred Hair & Skin additionally offers a skincare procedure called HydraFacial, MD.

Simultaneously, there is an intense infusion of serums to tighten and plump the skin. Dr. Kindred’s process stands apart from other HydraFacial programs by her expertise in a variety of skin types, offering a strict medical background that provides comfort to individuals wary of trying the technique. It is suggested to have this procedure done once a month.

"Dermatology has such a wide range of disciplines -- and the process is beautiful. Working with clients to feel their best is empowering for all of us."

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