Love that Lasts through the Ages

 "A diamond is forever." Who hasn't heard that saying before? Ever since the 1947 slogan, "A Diamond is Forever," which was a marketing project of DeBeers. Most people these days associate diamonds and engagement rings as going hand in hand. Thus diamonds have become a symbol of love. However, up until 1939, only 10% of engagement rings had diamonds.  

The first well-documented diamond engagement ring belonged to Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the imperial court of Vienna in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy. 

In modern times no other object is as important to a woman as her diamond engagement ring. It is one piece of jewelry that every woman has dreams of since childhood. Generally made from platinum, gold, or white gold, and usually including diamonds, an engagement ring signifies that a woman is spoken for and engaged to be married.

Choosing a ring may seem like a daunting task but an essential piece to any engagement. Some information to keep in mind when considering the ring is the setting and, of course, the center stone, the diamond.

Diamonds are judged by the so-called four C's of diamonds. Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The first C, Cut, is the most crucial part of the judging of a diamond. Often misconstrued as the shape of the diamond, cut is a very complex facet of the diamond. The patterns, proportions, and finish all indicate the shine and lust a diamond will have once mounted. Generally, the quality of the cut can mask other diamond characteristics. Color, clarity, even carat weight are mostly determined by mother nature. The cut is designed by man to maximize brilliance and sparkle. 

Clarity is much more straightforward. All diamonds have tiny imperfections in them, tiny specks of other minerals and crystals, called inclusions. Larger inclusions can be seen to the naked eye. However, small ones are often hidden by the setting and are almost unnoticeable. 

Carats is a word you've no doubt heard before, describing the size of the diamond; it's obvious why more Carats matter. 

Finally, Color, this one is a bit more subjective to your personal taste, if you're a big fan of chocolate diamonds than this category won't matter that much. However, remember that the whiter and brighter a diamond is, generally, the more expensive it is. 

But, now that you're a pro in diamonds, I'm sure you want to mount those beauties as the perfect jewelry piece. If you don't wish to have an engagement ring that is typical, then consider a custom piece. A one of a kind piece has never been easier. using the most cutting edge 3D modeling software to bring your design to life, and handcrafting it from scratch using the finest materials more jewelers than ever before now offer this option. 

The perfect piece for your perfect love.

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