Sleep Matters

What's All The Fuss About?

Do you know…

…the importance of breathing through our noses and not our mouths? As the largest access point to the inside of your body, the mouth is directly connected to 80% of your immune system. It is the door to your gut. In this season, where many breathe through the mouth, it is essential to understand how crucial nasal breathing is in order to decrease the effects of disease and illness.

When you breathe through your nose, it warms and lubricates the air you breathe, protecting your respiratory system. It also increases oxygen levels in your blood, a natural vasodilator decreasing your blood pressure while increasing systemic, whole-body healing. But, most importantly, it cleans the air you’re breathing by stimulating NO (Nitric Oxide) produced in the nose and sinuses. NO is a potent antimicrobial against VIRUSES, bacteria, fungi and is active in nasal breathing, unlike mouth breathing. In addition, research shows that our nose hairs protect us from up to 20 billion dust, allergens, and foreign particles daily. This information should make you consider, if you or those you love have chronic and persistent allergies, how are you breathing through the nose or the mouth?

Understanding the necessity of nasal breathing begs the question, does it affect how we sleep? Yes, indeed it does!

It turns out that nasal breathing is essential in our overall health, and not sleeping well is attributed to many common systemic diseases. This is what the fuss is all about! Mouth breathing while sleeping puts you at greater risk of the tongue obstructing the airway, causing sleep disorders including snoring, sleep apnea (pausing or stopping breathing), and hypopnea (shallow and not enough Oxygen) when sleeping.

Why is getting good sleep so overrated…or is it? REM sleep is deep sleep, restorative sleep, sleep that cleans the brain, increases its function, and repairs and builds the immune system. Most of us can sleep for hours and still wake up tired. So are we getting good sleep? This is an important question that we need to start asking.

My name is Dr. Wendi Wardlaw, and I’m a Dentist. Sleep matters to me because it is the tongue that forms the roof of the mouth, which is the floor of the nose, which forms the airway. This is my area so let’s talk about getting healthy.

Humming is known to increase the body's NO. So if you add humming to your nasal breathing, you will trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn causes RELAXATION. :) NO is good for our health and wellness.

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