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Dr. Joseph Cipriano of Healthy Smiles of Staten Island sits down with Staten Island City Lifestyle to share the secrets of his successful practice.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: What kind of treatments are offered at Healthy Smiles of Staten Island?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: My practice is full service, so I do everything from cleanings to implants, but for the most part, my practice focuses on emergency care and restorative procedures like root canals and dental implants. Those procedures bring me the most satisfaction because I’m able to give my patients life-changing results and that’s important to me.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: Are dental implants painful?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: We use digital technology to map and create the implants, so there is no pain whatsoever while the procedure is being done, unlike older methods where the gums require cutting. There’s also virtually no discomfort the day after. The very small amount of soreness resolves in about a day. Patients don’t even need to take off from work.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: Why do most people think that only oral surgeons place implants?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: There was a time when only oral surgeons could place implants, but with technological advancements and training, that’s no longer the case. Highly trained dentists like me can place implants for clients in office rather than seeing an outside surgeon, which is actually beneficial because it saves time from having to visit multiple offices, and we have the end result of what the tooth is actually going to look like in mind from the very beginning.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: How do you help patients decide if implants are right for them?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: It starts with a meeting. It’s not just about a missing tooth. We have to literally get to the root of the problem – find out what caused the tooth loss in the first place and if it’s even treatable. For example, implants can fail in heavy smokers or uncontrolled diabetics. They would just be throwing money away.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: What is usually the biggest concern for people considering dental implants?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: The upfront cost. That being said, implants are actually the most cost-effective restoration in the long run. Bridges and dentures may have to be replaced every 10-15 years, but implants should last for a lifetime when installed correctly.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: How do you eliminate a patient's “dental anxiety”?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: You have to care about your craft and your patients. I take a lot of pride in my skills and in keeping my patients comfortable. Every procedure I do on a patient, I’ve done a thousand times before. I know these procedures by heart, and I stay in constant communication with my patients throughout the
procedure to ensure that they’re pain and worry-free.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: What’s the biggest misconception about dentistry?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: That the absence of pain means nothing is wrong. That’s not how the mouth works, and that’s why routine checkups are key. Those checkups are where we catch minor issues before they become full-blown problems.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: What are you most proud of when it comes to your practice?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: More than anything else, I’m proud that my patients feel like family. My practice doesn’t run on volume, it runs on retention. I’m very proud that my patients have outcomes that leave them feeling like there’s no better place to seek care and are comfortable enough to refer me to their friends and family.

Staten Island City Lifestyle: Why should people come to Healthy Smiles?
Dr. Joseph Cipriano: I care about my patients. It’s that simple. I’m going to give them my honest opinion on what will give them the best outcome. I don’t overtreat, and I don’t upsell. I work with my patients to reach the best
outcome possible without any other motive.

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