So, you are ready to purchase new home construction?

So, you are ready to purchase new home construction? As you walk into the beautifully decorated model home, your eyes and heart light up with excitement!  You are welcomed by the friendly sales agent and without hesitation, you are tempted, with pen in hand, to sign on the dotted line.  Many people wonder if it is beneficial, if it’s a great idea or if it’s even worth having a Realtor by your side when considering purchasing their new home.  Afterall, most of the sales agents at the model homes are phenomenal and are certainly knowledge about the homes they are selling.  So why should you hire a Realtor?

A local Realtor is an expert in the area and can help navigate you through what you expressed what your needs and wants are.  Although your Realtor can not interpret the contract, they can help keep you organized and on track with important dates and timelines.  Your Realtor may also be able to negotiate a better deal or have other incentive put in place that may not have been originally offered to you.  Your Realtor is there to serve as your mediator between the builder, the lender, title company, foreman etc.; Someone working on your behalf and looking out for your best interests.  They will be there to help schedule important appointments and advise you on things that you may lose sight of in all of the excitement.  For example, the benefits of hiring an independent inspector to inspect the home prior to you occupying the property.  Your Realtor is your partner someone you can bounce ideas off of to help minimize the stress. 

Many people may think that they can get a “better deal” if they do not have a Realtor.  The thought may be, if the builder has to pay the Realtor’s commission, you won’t be able to get the best price.  It’s quite the contrary.  Since your Realtor’s commission is not tied to the price of the home, there is most always an opportunity to get you the best deal when there is a Realtor involved in the transaction.  The commission actually comes from a separate account that the builder has set aside to pay the Realtor for bringing their clients to purchase one of their homes.  If you speak to most New Construction Sales Agents, they love working with local Realtors!  There is a team and a partnership that is formed to ensure that you, the buyer, has the best experience possible when considering purchasing one of their beautiful homes.

Buying new construction can be exciting and scary at the same time!  Whether you are purchasing an inventory home, able to close within 30 days or you are building from scratch with your build time anticipated for 6 months out, 8 months out or even a year in some cases, your Realtor will be by your side every step of the way to help guide you through the process.  Always hire a Realtor when purchasing New Home Construction.  It can certainly be a tremendous benefit to you in your new home purchase.

-Tracey Forrester GRI, GKC

Realtor with Xcellence Realty, Inc.

Email:  tracey@traceyforrester.com

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