Spring Floral Bowl

Spring, come quickly! And if not, bring Spring indoors anyway. Flowers brighten any room, any day of the year. No need to wait for a special occasion or holiday– give yourself permission to brighten everyday life with a bowl full of flowers. Place florals in an entryway, kitchen, living room space or even bathroom. Florals make any room come alive with pops of color and the smells of spring that's just about ready to burst outside. 

Consider this your personal invitation to play with flowers by creating your very own Floral Bowl Arrangement. Use any cereal bowl in the kitchen and a bundle of store bought flowers. For an extra texture and depth, look for small spring branches and ornamental grasses found in your yard to pop into the arrangement, like I did here. Then, place your floral bowl in a place where you need that burst of joy most. Enjoy!


  • 1 bundle of flowers (about 24 stems) + floral food packet

  • spring branches & ornamental grasses found in your yard (optional).

  • 6” bowl (cereal bowl size)

  • floral shears (or garden clippers, kitchen shears, even craft scissors in a pinch).

  • 12” square cut chicken wire. 

  • wire cutters

  • garden gloves to protect your hands when forming chicken wire.

  • clear floral tape (scotch tape will also do).

  • lazy susan to easily move your arrangement and work from all sides (optional).

Preparation & Assemble

First prepare the mechanics. The mechanics are the non-floral elements used to assemble a floral arrangement. These materials will act as a grid in which the flowers are built into to hold each stem in its place. 

  • Wearing garden gloves, cut chicken wire roughly into a 12” square. Loosely form the chicken wire into a ball and place inside the bowl.

  • Use clear floral tape to make an X shape over the top of the bowl to hold the chicken wire securely into place. This will also give extra support when adding the floral elements later.

  • Fill the bowl with water and mix in a flower food packet, if your flowers came with one.

  • Begin to arrange floral elements into the bowl. As a general rule, you will want to start with the strongest, thickest stems and end with the most delicate stems. Here, I began with branches, then the largest base flowers followed by taller focal flowers, and finally delicate stems, grasses and wispy greens.

Simply download and print our Floral Bowl Arrangement guide at silvertoothhome.com/store. Enjoy!

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