Stay Healthy in any Space

Exercise You Can Do Anytime and Anywhere!

You may want to exercise, but what if you have limited time, limited space, limited workout equipment, or even all three? Here are three simple exercises sure to get you moving from head to toe. Even these timeless workout moves improve both your brain performance and memory. Exercise produces hormones that help your brain create new cells, which in turn, enhances brain power and brain activity. And, did you know that exercise prevents early signs of aging and wards off age-related diseases? Exercise is a healthy habit that can be done any time and any place. Make it a great day and a long, healthy life with these classics!

Pushups strengthen your upper body. Lay on your stomach. Place both hands under your shoulders and straighten them, holding your body in a straight line. Bend arms, bringing your body closer to the ground, and then straighten them again to push up. (VARIATION: Cross ankles to work balance.)

Crunches work your abdomen. Lay flat on your back. Place your hands behind your head and bend your knees at a 45° angle, keeping your feet on the floor. Pull upper body off the floor and toward your knees, using your core. Slowly release back to the ground. (VARIATION: Hold your legs off the ground at various angles.)

Lunges work your lower body. Step forward, starting with your right leg, and lower your body until the thigh of your front leg and the shin of your back leg are parallel to the ground. Both knees should make 90° angles. Stand up, pushing through your front heel to starting position. Alternate legs. (VARIATION: Elevate your back leg by putting your foot on a chair behind you.)

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