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What's better than fresh coffee and hot sandwiches?

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Stir Up Some Community

Sip Stir Westlake wants you to stop and smell the coffee.

Sip | Stir Westlake has three coffee house locations in North Texas; lucky for us, there’s one in Westlake.

Founded by a husband and wife duo, Sip | Stir creates a fantastic ambiance that invites you to slow down and connect to your community.

There are plenty of comfy spots to lounge and catch your breath between shuttling kids to appointments or meeting a friend for lunch with one of their quick bites. Their online ordering system makes it easy to place orders for easy pick up if you need to take them with you.

But Sip | Stir hopes you will stay a little while at least. Here’s their wish for every one of its patrons on its website: “We do not see ourselves as being only in the business of crafting coffee – no, we see our independent establishment as a stage on which friendships are forged, relationships are renewed and the neighborhood finds a place to just hanging out and have a good time. We want you to take your time with your friends and coffee. And if you’re in the mood for a quick bite, we provide you with a variety of fresh baked pastries and house-made, kind-hearted vegetarian eats that come from a place of honesty.”

Be sure to drop in at its cozy Westlake store at 1301 Solana Blvd #4105 (it also has locations in Uptown Dallas and Highland Village if you're in those areas). It offers indoor and outdoor (covered) spots with gorgeous views. Some of our menu favorites include the creme brulee latte, and their hot sandwiches are as delicious as they are fortifying. It’s also a great getaway if you’re looking for a quiet spot to think, have a quiet conversation with a friend or even get some work knocked out. Go check it out!

  • What's better than fresh coffee and hot sandwiches?
  • Creme brulee latte