Straighten Up at Work

Simple Changes for a Healthy Posture

Dr. Austin Cohen, chiropractor and founder of Corrective Chiropractic, is passionate about all he does.

In his daily practice, he sees clients in pain who could have easily avoided how they got there. Technology has created a negative effect on healthy posture. His message is simple.

"We are in an era of excessive phone and computer usage. More effort is needed in our workplace to boost a healthy posture."

Dr. Cohen sees the work environment as a place of necessary but simple change. Most notably, he see patients with lower back pain, tension between the shoulders, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. These can all be attributed to long work days at a computer. The good news is that simple steps can be made to avoid these problems.

Three simple steps to implement:

1. Exercise Ball in the Workplace. Sit 2-3 minutes in daily intervals. Benefits include having your body off gravity and creating movement. Workout would involve moving left to right 20 times, forward and back 20 times and circular motion 20 times—just three easy breaks in the workday to increase spinal health.

2. Wrist Support. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is caused by repetitive motions, like typing or any motions of the wrist that you do over and over. This is especially true of actions when your hands are lower than your wrist. A wrist support at your desk is a must as well as simple stretching and exercises to help strengthen the muscles in your wrists and hands. You do not need to do extensive exercises, but even 5 minutes per day could make a difference.

3. Computer Monitor at Eye Level. You should not look down all day. This puts the weight of the head on the shoulders and allows for less blood flow to the brain.  Over time, this causes less blood flow and lower oxygen intact. In a side view of your desk, position your shoulders to line up with your ears. Straighten up and get your monitor in a place where this is possible.

"You find just one thing and commit to it. Take care of yourself and build from there," he says. "Even if you miss, don't quit. Make it your lifestyle. Positive efforts yield profound results." 

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