Stretch into 2024

Brooke McCoy wants us to wrap our minds around stretching our bodies.

Stretch, and your body will thank you. It warms up the muscles by getting blood circulating. Stretching before exercise is a great way to decrease the risk of injury; a post-exercise stretch helps tight and fatigued muscles recover faster by moving built-up toxins and lactic acid out. 

But who has time to stretch?

You do. And you should. Stretch Zone owner Brooke McCoy takes a realistic approach. “Five to ten minutes in the morning to get the blood pumping, and another set at night to release some of your body’s tension to ensure a good night’s sleep.”

She points to calves and glutes as two focal areas. “Our calves tighten up from being overworked all day long. Try a simple heel drop stretch from a step. Relax and allow yourself to go a little deeper.” We sit a lot, and Brooke points out that the glutes are directly connected to the lower back. “Foam roll or simply hug a knee, angling it to your opposite shoulder to feel it in the buttocks region.”

While “any stretch is better than no stretch,” Brooke suggests a weekly assisted stretch program. Her clients range from 14-92, athletes to pre- and post-op patients. “Consistency is key, and coming here lets us do the work and get to places you can’t on your own.”

Go to to book your free 30-minute stretch.

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