STYLE. How to Develop Yours!

"If something genuinely appeals to us, makes us comfortable, helps us feel attractive, and understood, then it’s for us! "

Our personal style is so much more than our clothes. It’s our hygiene. It’s the way we interact with people. It’s how we treat our family and friends. It’s how we decorate our home, as well as the way we take care of it. It’s the car we drive and how it looks inside. We show our style even through the way we wrap a present.

Of course we don’t take all of those things around with us; but our clothes make us a walking billboard. They’re an expression and message to ourselves and others. It’s important we’re communicating what we want to say to all of us. Our fashion and personal style should always feel “authentic” to us. Otherwise, it makes us feel awkward, phony, and uncomfortable. Our goal with our style and clothing should be to make us feel beautiful and comfortable.

Our personal style evolves as we do; and thank goodness, because if you’re like me, we’ve fallen prey to some pretty silly trends. There are always new ones and it’s fun to explore them through designers, magazines, Pinterest, bloggers, and influencers. At any age, it’s a great way to keep yourself current. However, it’s really important we view them through our personal lens. They may get you excited but unless it fits your personality, lifestyle, body shape, and comfort level, it will be working against your self confidence. We want our clothes to work with us in building confidence. I’ve always loved the sentiment “confidence is our greatest accessory”!

I truly believe if something genuinely appeals to us, makes us comfortable, helps us feel attractive, and understood, then it’s for us! So let that criteria help you while you shop and develop your style. It might be the latest trend, but it also might just be something in “your color”. If it fits you and your vibe just right, that is when you will rock the look! People admire the style of people who know who they are and dress like it. That’s your true fashion trend to follow.

Starting a board on Pinterest is a great way to start exploring your personal style. You can put categories in the search bar such as “jeans” or “yellow tops” and pin the ones that feel like you. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole board of fashion inspiration!

Sharon Caldwell Peddie is a new, Inspirational Writer and Author of  “Grow Yourself Beautiful: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Following Her Heart and Focusing on Her Inner Joy”. Peddie grew up in South Florida and now lives in Oregon. She’s a proud UF Gator Journalism Grad and currently working on Book 2. Check out her social media for ways to grow you and your life even more beautiful!




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