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Summer Time Skin Care

Getting the Skinny on Skin Care

This Summer, skincare takes the forefront as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. Spending time outside in the sun with friends and family is a great way to embrace the season, but leaving skin vulnerable to sun exposure is a sure way to make great memories turn sour. 

Melissa Cantos, co-owner of Medical Beauty and Weight Loss located at 14599 Ramona Avenue, Suite 24 in Chino, has three tips for enjoying time in the sunshine without sacrificing skin’s health. 

Tip #1: 

Always wear sunblock 

Whether it is riding in the car, walking to the office, or doing yard work, skin gets hit with plenty of the sun’s UV rays throughout the day. Applying a generous layer of sunscreen before leaving the house is one way to protect yourself this season. Melissa recommends wearing 35-50 SPF, even when wearing makeup products that contain it as well. “Always wear your SPF, a separate SPF or if it’s in the makeup, I like to wear something that’s strictly an SPF,” Cantos says. 

Tip #2

Reapply SPF often

Using sunscreen is not a one-and-done process, especially when doing activities in the water where it can wear off. Reapplying sunscreen is an important step to ensure that skin is being protected around the clock. Melissa says that there is no set number of times to reapply and that it depends on your level of activity and time spent in the sun. If you’re in and out of the pool or going for a hike, more applications might be required. One way to touch up sunscreen other than a traditional lotion or spray is with a powder sunscreen. It works like a translucent powder, can be reapplied during the day, and can be found at the Medical Beauty and Weight Loss office.  

Tip #3

You CAN do skin treatments in the Summer 

Some skin treatments designed for hyperpigmentation or acne can leave the skin barrier especially vulnerable to sunlight, but that doesn’t have to mean avoiding helpful treatments in the summer, according to Cantos. At Medical Beauty and Weight Loss, they can provide both pretreatment and post-treatment care to make sure that clients are covered. “It’s specialized according to their skin type, or what we’re working on,” Cantos says. 

Treating yourself to high-quality skincare is worth every penny. Medical Beauty and Weight Loss can pamper you with a variety of skin-nourishing care, and target things like age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, and acne. They can help you put your best face forward, helping you feel like your best self. 

One standout service for summer is the plasma facial, which uses micro-needling or simple injections to stimulate collagen production in the skin to maintain a youthful and supple look, something that increased sun exposure can take away from the skin. Cantos says that including these treatments and using top-notch skin care is essential for her. 

"I use good skincare products and I'm always treating my face with something medical grade. I'm always doing treatments to help with my skin collagen and elasticity," Cantos says. 

Melissa, who previously worked as a Hospice and Oncology nurse for several years before transitioning to aesthetics, brings her attentiveness to client care to her practice. “The background education allows me to kind of dig or think a little bit deeper. It gives me a whole picture of a patient, whether they’re feeling very tired, what medications they’re on, their history, things like that,” Cantos says.

Skin treatments are just one aspect of what Medical Beauty and Weight Loss have to offer. Their services are open to all genders, as healthy skin is vital for all. They offer services such as laser hair removal, dermal fillers, Botox, micro-needling, and weight loss treatments to name a few. Led by a team of experts including co-owners Melissa Cantos, Dr. James Kojian, and Jason Trujillo MSN, FNP, they provide top-quality care and guidance through the entire treatment process. 

At Medical Beauty and Weight Loss, your skincare regimen is personalized to your skin. All formulas are customized to suit your unique complexion. All patient’s skin conditions are examined, and the best skin care products are recommended. Medical-grade skincare provides you with potent skincare products backed by scientific research.

  • Melissa Cantos

“The background education allows me to kind of dig or think a little bit deeper. It gives me a whole picture of a patient, whether they’re feeling very tired, what medications they’re on, their history, things like that.”

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