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A conversation with morning radio show host, Mike Edwards, of "Two Girls and a Guy."

If the morning car ride has ever felt a bit too quiet, lacking in company or conversation, then the "Two Girls and A Guy" radio show might be just the thing missing from your routine. This morning show on Charleston’s Mix 95.9 radio station gives the feeling of sitting amongst a group of friends at a casual, comfortable happy hour. The three hosts - Tanya Brown, Brooke Ryan, and Mike Edwards - have been working together for some years, and their sense of familiarity over the radio is evident, giving the show an easy, lived-in feel. This grouping didn't happen by accident. Edwards sat down with "City Lifestyle" to share how "Two Girls and A Guy" came to be, and what makes it so very special. 

Tanya Brown’s natural humor at the office, coupled with stories of her children, led to a live audition on the air. Her knockout performance led to a switch from accounts receivable manager to radio host. In 2006, Brooke was 21 and centered in the Charleston nightlife scene. Her own stories and drama from her close circle of friends, provided a source of endless amusement. After managing the show for seven years, Mike eventually joined in, establishing a trio of voices that amuses, entertains, and ultimately wakes up its devoted listeners every morning. The perfect mix of content, entertainment, and experience was born.

The premise of Two Girls and A Guy (#2GG) is simple. A member of the group shares a daily interaction such as, “How much do you tip on your takeout pizza order,” and everyone’s opinions are subsequently unleashed on live radio. The show covers every topic under the sun, with Edwards describing the content as relationship-centered.

“At our very core, #2GG’s content is about relationships - the good and the bad. Romantic relationships, co-worker interactions, family relationships, break-ups, epic love stories, a situation with your boss, etc.” 

Though the specific combination of personalities is well defined (the party girl, the mom, and the regular guy), the show stays true to its dedication to providing various perspectives on each topic discussed. Furthermore, #2GG also features local call-ins, aiming to highlight local topics as much as possible.  

“A competitor from out of town might spend a 5-minute segment talking about the latest Kardashian drama while we’ll be talking about the local winning high school football coach whose half-time locker room pep talk was caught on video while using bad language. GASP!”

While "Two Girls and A Guy" doesn't shy away from controversy and disagreement, the heart of the show is rooted in connection and joy. Edwards' self-proclaimed favorite part is getting to laugh every day at work, something listeners can enjoy, too. On the horizon for #2GG is more than just laughs, as 2023 is the year Charleston Mix 95.9 celebrates 25 seasons running the show. Listeners can look forward to a reunion weekend featuring former cast members, reruns of classic show clips, and a Labor Day party to cap off the festivities. 

In the meantime, take a glimpse into a few of Mike “The Guy” Edwards' favorite things, a good way to pass the time until their next segment, which airs every Monday-Friday from 5:00-10:00 AM. 

Favorite song to play on the show?

Because we jibber-jabber so much we’re only able to fit in about four to five songs an hour, but my favorite current song is “I Feel Like Dancing” by Jason Mraz. It’s fun and upbeat. My favorite throwback song to play on #2GG would be “Changes” by 2Pac. Love the rap, love the piano.

Favorite thing to do in Charleston?

My personal quest is to find the perfect pizza in all of Charleston.  I’ve tried a lot of different places – some are just meh and then others knock it out of the park.  Currently #1 is D’Allasandro’s downtown Charleston, #2 is Toni’s Detroit Pizza in Mount Pleasant and 3rd is Jet’s Pizza (I know it’s a chain, but you wouldn’t know it by tasting a slice).

If you could bring any guest star of your choosing onto the talk show, who would it be and why?

Brooke has met him a couple times just from being downtown socializing on the weekends, but Tanya and I have yet to meet Charleston resident and legend Bill Murray.  It would be awesome to have him on the #2GG show one day.

In a world where radio stations fill their time with syndicated content, "Two Girls and a Guy" aims to focus on The Holy City itself, remaining hyper-local through and through. This hometown loyalty and localized focus is what gives them an edge, Edward explains.

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