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Nina Nguyen Design at Union Diamond

When it comes to giving gifts, one can rarely go wrong with jewelry, especially when shopping at Union Diamond’s Ponce City Market Design Studio. 

Since moving to Midtown in 2017, Union Diamond has become a premier shopping destination. Unlike its former space in Vinings, Union Diamond now provides a very intimate shopping experience, which is perfect for the hectic holiday season. 

With a motto of “Just Expect More,” it is no wonder that the company is known both locally and worldwide for its great customer service and eye for quality. Another aspect of Union Diamond that has drawn regular customers for nearly two decades is the inventory of unique jewelry from lines all around the world. 

This holiday season, one of the standout companies Union Diamond is carrying is Nina Nguyen Design. The sustainably made line features modular designs with semiprecious stones that can be stacked and collected. Union Diamond’s co-founder, Katie Blankenstein, calls the line fun and jokingly compares it to a toy we all loved as children.

“I always say it’s like Legos for jewelry.”


How Nina Nguyen began making such unique pieces is amazing. Before relocating to the United States, Nina was raised in Central Vietnam by a family of jewelers and goldsmiths. Her mother had a gold trading post, and her uncle—who taught Nina the design trade—created pieces. Although the business runs in her family, Nina actually worked in finance before she got the inspiration to make jewelry while backpacking through India. 

The colorful stones she saw on her trip motivated Nina to try designing and creating her own jewelry. With success came her search for a manufacturer. Upon being disappointed with the factories she encountered, Nina returned to her native Vietnam to work with her family on putting together a socially conscious design studio. 

“I think all products should be made in a manner that benefits everyone involved. I would love for my jewelry to bring this message, that people should always be concerned with where the things they purchase come from, who made them, where the materials came from, how long they last, and what will become of it when its life is over.”


Carrying sustainable jewelry is very important to Union Diamond.

“All of her gold is 100 percent recycled; the stonework is ethically sourced. All of that is super important to her. It’s not something she shows in her branding all the time. It’s kind of a secret quality, which is kind of neat," Katie says.

Union Diamond is not only a stockist for Nina Nguyen Designs; the local store is also partnering with the brand to design a custom piece to benefit Make-a-Wish Foundation. 

As one of the most extensive mix-and-match jewelry lines on the market, Nina Nguyen Designs is perfect for a holiday gift for any woman in your life. The line features a litany of pieces that can easily reflect the wearer's personality. For instance, with the average pair of earrings, the person wearing them can get bored because the style doesn’t change. With a pair of Nina Nguyen earrings, the wearer can customize them by adding jackets or picking a unique stone. The additional beauty of all of Nina’s pieces is due to the natural state of the stones. There are always variations in shape, color, shading and color concentration, so every piece is unique.

If you’re looking for a piece that will definitely go over well on Christmas Day, we suggest a pair of teardrop druzy stud earrings in white or black. Ladies can dress them up or down, and they will sparkle for any occasion.

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