Tatiana Shabelnik: The Power of Contrast

Laguna Niguel-Based Fashion Designer has an International Following

Meet Tatiana Shabelnik… an internationally acclaimed fashion designer and photographer who lives right here in Laguna Niguel. Born in the communist Soviet Union, Tatiana had no idea what life in the West was like as a child. Nevertheless, she has always believed in dreaming big, uniting world cultures, and making a positive impact through fashion. Tatiana Shabelnik is a brand that values diversity and is incredibly passionate about female empowerment. Her garments are all one-of-a-kind and sustainability conscious. Contrasting contemporary Los Angeles glitz and glamour with a vivid ancestral past, Tatiana Shabelnik’s brand philosophy embraces the concept of “Contrast.” Her designs express a dramatic cosmopolitan fusion of bold colors and unexpected textures, inspired by the colorful work of artists Marc Chagall and Wassily Kandinsky. Tatiana’s chic, timeless designs reflect traditional folk dresses; and her selection of bold colors celebrates the spirit of risk-taking, physical confidence, vivacious competition, and independence. This is the same spiritual force that guided her own life journey from East to West. Tatiana’s signature use of orange reflects enthusiasm, warmth, and happiness while also capturing energy and cheerfulness. Her creations have been featured in publications throughout the world including L’Officiel Australia, Los Angeles Times, VOGUE UK, GLAMOUR UK, GQ UK, TATLER UK, Madame Magazine (Dubai), and others. She is highly regarded in fashion circles and loved by models and artists alike. Most importantly, Tatiana Shabelnik is a philanthropist with a giving heart and feet on the ground. A longtime Rotarian Club member, she is always looking for ways to give back to the community and serve the greater good. TatianaShabelnik.com

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