Details Matter at Total Window

For just a moment, take a step back and think window treatments. That’s right. Now, picture the natural light that shines through the windows of your home, office, or patio. Have you ever wondered whether these spaces have the ideal mix of natural and artificial light? Whether the window coverings are enhancing - or limiting - the light that shines through? Or, what you can do to filter and control this natural light while still enjoying its benefits?

At Total Window, these are questions that CEO Jesse Stowlow and his team help clients answer every day. The company’s driving principal is that every custom window treatment can enhance the light control and privacy needs of a space in both functional and decorative ways. Their slogan, “We Control Light,” pretty much says it all.

Jesse and his father Steve Stowlow, who founded the business 1985, have spent close to 40 years serving South Florida. “Our passion is to identify the best ratio of light control for every room in a project,” Jesse explains. “We believe that all living spaces must have a proper balance of natural and artificial light.”

As a full-service company with a 2000-square-foot facility in the Stirling Design Center, Total Window doesn’t just sell quality window treatments. They also fully manage projects from measurement to installation, not resting until a job is completed to their satisfaction. This attention to detail and quality of workmanship has set the company apart in its field.

When Jesse and his team first meet with a prospective client, they go through the space window by window, room by room. “We want to fully understand the need before we recommend a solution. What is the homeowner, the office manager, trying to do in this space?” From there, a team of professionals gets engaged in all aspects of production and fulfillment.

“They’ll take final measurements,” he explains. “They’ll coordinate and collaborate with electricians or contractors or architects to figure out how you can get these window treatments integrated into your space.”

Back in the office, there’s another team managing the project during the production phase. “They translate all this information for the real world - for those making the product in a factory. Then we have our own team of installers, who work until the product is fully integrated into the home or office to our client’s satisfaction.”

One of the most important ingredients in this whole process is accountability - something Jesse learned early in the business when he joined his father on a project. They were working in a corner condo unit at Il Villaggio, which stood near the intersection of Ocean Drive and Collins Ave.

“Our client wanted to go big, to match the flow of the windows,” he recalls. “She had gorgeous open spaces, and the overall width of the windows measured 40 feet. So, we thought about splitting it in half - two shades, each 20 feet wide.” But before recommending this approach, Jesse’s dad pulled out his tape measure and extended it to 20 feet. After walking through the condominium hallway, they concluded this size shade wouldn’t fit and came up with a better solution with their client.

“That day has always stuck with me. I learned you have to be sure that what you’re selling can actually be accomplished. Just trying to get the deal isn’t good business.”

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