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Local students inspired to help their neighbors as our community navigates the COVID-19 pandemic

Article by Marti Schnurr

Photography by Letty Sanchez, Catherine Abbott-Butters

Originally published in Boca Style Lifestyle

Local fashion students are making masks to help protect first responders against the COVID-19 pandemic.

THOS Fashion School in Boca Raton is taking advantage of their manpower, materials and equipment to help those who are bravely on the front lines. The students are experienced with mask construction and are taking precautions and following strict sanitary guidelines.

Letty Sanchez, the owner and president of THOS Fashion School describes herself as a design mentor. She ,along with her husband, opened the school five years ago and encourages forward thinking, out-of-the-box ,creative and courageous design. After speaking with a friend who is a nurse at a local hospital, Sanchez was inspired to help the community any way she could. The students at THOS were all in! Imperial Point Hospital was on board immediately and so production began!

Student Naomi Huff 20 yrs old...
“I feel good, I think it’s a great thing to be doing this,especially for the medical staff and people who need it. I feel like I’m giving back to the community. “

Johnathan Fuentes 19 yrs old...
“I feel proud that we’re making masks that will help people maybe even save them!”

The masks will be available to first responders, hospital personnel and those at higher risk. Distribution will be provided by Fire Rescue Services Explorer Program.

Through exclusive hands on training THOS Fashion School students go on to become clothing engineers, fashion designers and creative entrepreneurs working for some of the industries top professional fashion houses. For now they are local hero’s stepping up and giving back through talent and skills that inspire us all! 

Two high school chemistry students in Boca Raton are making hand sanitizer for those affected by corona virus.

Nicholas Horowitz and Matthew Russo thought they'd be enjoying a week off from school and the beautiful weather spring time brings to Boca Raton. Instead the two high school friends who attend the Saint Andrews School were busy "cooking up" a plan to support and inspire our community. With all the reports highlighting the sever shortage of hand sanitizer due to the COVID-19 virus, the boys  had the idea to make their own hand sanitizer. They are top AP chemistry students and were chosen to represent Saint Andrews for a state chemistry competition. The competition was canceled and they wanted to put their knowledge into action to help the community.

 Nick and Matt combined their love love of science and their desire to help others and developed Purificare2!  The sanitizer which sells for $10 per bottle has sold out three times so far and they continue to make it around the clock. The boys said, 'We want to help keep people safe and help those who have been affected and will continue to be affected by this terrible virus." Profits from the sanitizer are donated to charity. Nick and Matt are mindful of their safety and the safety of the community so they deliver the product to people's front door. 

Boca Style magazine is honored to bring you these hometown stories that we hope will inspire all of us to build a stronger community. We are humbled by the selflessness, generosity and kindness shown by these young adults! To the students at THOS Fashion School and Saint Andrews School students, Nick and Matt, we say THANK YOU!

According to Wikipedia :"Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a concern and consideration of others, a virtue and a value." One random act of kindness can change a person's life, maybe even save it.

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